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Futons Don’t Have To Be Ugly – Here’s How To Liven Yours Up

Whether it’s in a college dorm, guest bedroom or in the middle of your living room, futons are an affordable and often practical way to add seating to a room. Unfortunately, because they are often smaller, lighter and cheaper than typical sofas and sectionals, they might look ugly and out of place if they aren’t spruced up appropriately. Thankfully, there are a plethora of ways for you to liven up that futon to where it looks in place and comfortable for anyone to sit or sleep on.

Don’t Upgrade – Keep Your Futon

There is absolutely no reason to upgrade to an expensive couch if you do not currently have the money when you can spruce up the futon that you currently have. It might mean that you’ll need to put a slip cover over the futon or stain its wood, but the options you have are much cheaper than ditching the futon for an expensive and often cumbersome sofa or sectional. In some cases, you may not have the room for a larger couch, so finding a new futon might be the best alternative. If that’s the case then you’re in luck, because there are plenty of stylish futons that will fit right in with your home.

Slip Covers

Slip covers aren’t just for couches and sectionals, as they can and should be used for your futon. The slip cover can cover up any rips or stains on the futon and give it a refreshing new look. You can either choose a slip cover that is neutral in color and best matches what the futon looked like before it went on or you can go with a beautiful and bright color that makes the futon stand out in a room full of boring furniture.


A comfy and cozy blanket draped over a futon is one of the best ways to make the piece more inviting and comfortable. Throw blankets come in all sizes, types and textures, so you can have a field day just trying to figure out which option is best for you. If your futon is older or has stains and rips, you can use a larger throw to cover up these areas, making the futon more inviting and newer looking.


Pillows also add a layer of comfort to the futon that nothing else can provide. Not only does this provide a place for you and your family to rest their head if they want to take an afternoon nap, but they can add sophistication and comfort to the piece that nothing else can do for you. Be sure to match the pillow with the throw that you’re choosing to complete the entire look.

Stain Its Wood

If you have a wooden futon with wood arms and legs, one way to liven up the futon is to stain its wood. Staining wood does not have to be expensive and it can be a lot easier than you might think. Just quickly sand off the existing stain or paint and put the new stain on. Allow it to dry and you can use the futon to your heart’s content and it will look brand new.

Add Cushioning

Because futons can go flat over time, you may want to consider adding some more padding and cushioning to it. This can be done on the underside of the futon where the staples to the upholstery are present. Just release these staples and you are able to add extra pads and cushioning to the piece so that it is fluffier and much more comfortable.

Change its Location

If your futon looks drab where it currently is even after adding blankets, pillows and slip covers, you may just need to change its location. This can help to liven up the futon because it’s in a brand new area that makes it more comfortable and inviting. Make it the centerpiece of the room after adding all of the comforting features and you’ll find it gets a lot more use.

Your futon will look so much better after improving its appearance, adding blankets and throwing on some pillows. There is no reason to ditch the futon when there are so many things that you can do that are going to liven it up and make it more inviting to you, your family and your guests.