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How Do You Use Fragrance Oil

If you are looking around craft stores, you will notice some oils on some racks. You would ask what they are for. Well, some of them are fragrance oils, and they are very useful not only for crafting but also for other things.

In the time when everything seems to be costly, you would think some things are not worth it. Because of that, you would just think to make some of them on your own. Well, it will be a great idea. Not only you will be able to save up, but this will also be a chance for you to have some business of your own. As fragrance oil was mentioned earlier, it is something useful for various products you can make. It will also be very useful for your own. In addition to that, fragrance oils have their benefits and that includes your health and mood.

If you are asking what are the uses of fragrance oil, here are some of them:

1. For making scented candles

If you are thinking of something to make that is easy enough to try, candles are best, to begin with. It is simple enough to make, and all you will need are some materials. The tools will not be a problem because they are basically just some kitchen equipment you may already have. You can make it more special by adding scent. It will be great for the time of relaxation. The great thing about this is that you can also give them as gifts. With holidays approaching, you can add this to your gift ideas especially if you are thinking of something thoughtful and handmade is great for that.

2. For making soaps

Another gift idea is a soap, and it can also be made at your home. This will require more materials and also might require some safety equipment, but it will be worth it once you finished one. With a fragrance oil, you can choose the scent and can even experiment with different scent mixtures, so you could have your own signature.

3. For making perfume

And speaking of signature scents, have you ever wonder how celebrities do their own? well, you can also do that with these fragrant oils. Just like soaps and candles, you will need materials. The great thing about this is you can make multiple scents of your own. You can make something seasonal. Like for example, this fall is all about pumpkins and cinnamon. And then come winter, you can make something that will be great for the holidays.

4. As an air freshener

This will be the simplest to make. You will just need some water and alcohol and then the fragrance oil, and you are good to go. This will come in handy when you have pets or in your kitchen. You will not need to spend money on store-bought air fresheners. In addition to that, you can make your own signature scent for your home. You can make something that calms you or has great memories. And if you want your friends or visitors to have something reminded of you, this will be a good option.

How To Make Strong Scented Candles At Home

Are you thinking of something you can give as a gift? One of the great things you could give is something handmade. You can make something simple but can make it personal which will add charm to your gift. In addition to that, you can also make one for your own. You can also even have it as a business. 

One of the things you can make is a scented candle which is great for this fall and upcoming winter. You will be able to relax with its scent and glow of it. The good news is it is easy to make them. You will just need the right tools and materials, and you will have the skill in making them in no time.

The Materials Needed

You will need is wax. Soy wax is said to the best because it burns longer. Make sure it is also unscented to add your preferred one later. Then you will also need a braided wick and tabs for sustenance, and then also a dye. You will also need fragrance oils or essential oils to add the scent. You would also need a skewer.

The Tools Needed

The tools needed are mostly in your kitchen. That is the stove and a double broiler. A thermometer would be handy to have a definite temperature. You would also need a glue gun which will be handy in the process.

Steps in Making:

  1. The first thing you will need is to put together the needed materials. This will include the scent of your choice.
  2. After that, if your wick is not pre-tabbed, you will need to tab them yourself. The advantage of this is it is cheaper and also you will get to decide the size of your candle, so it will not matter if you suddenly go with big or small. 
  3. Now it is time to melt the wax. You will need to place it in a double broiler or if you do not have one, in a metal container over a pan. The preferred temperature would be 180 degrees in Fahrenheit, and it will be handy to use a thermometer for this to watch out for it.
  4. If the wax has been fully melted, remove it from the heat.
  5. Put in the dye. You can match the color with the scent if you want.
  6. Put in the fragrance oil or the essential oil for the scent.
  7. Then after all that, let the wax cool down.
  8. While letting it cool down, you could arrange your mold by putting in the wick. Glue in the stabilizer in the base of the jar to be more sturdy.
  9. Use a skewer to tie in the wick then put it in the top of the mold, so it will be in the center.
  10. Then after all that, pour your wax in the mold or a container.
  11. You will need to wait at least 24 hours to ensure that your candle solidifies.
  12. After it hardens, trim your wick in about quarter inch, and you are done.