Futons Don’t Have To Be Ugly – Here’s How To Liven Yours Up

Whether it’s in a college dorm, guest bedroom or in the middle of your living room, futons are an affordable and often practical way to add seating to a room. Unfortunately, because they are often smaller, lighter and cheaper than typical sofas and sectionals, they might look ugly and out of place if they aren’t spruced up appropriately. Thankfully, there are a plethora of ways for you to liven up that futon to where it looks in place and comfortable for anyone to sit or sleep on.

Don’t Upgrade – Keep Your Futon

There is absolutely no reason to upgrade to an expensive couch if you do not currently have the money when you can spruce up the futon that you currently have. It might mean that you’ll need to put a slip cover over the futon or stain its wood, but the options you have are much cheaper than ditching the futon for an expensive and often cumbersome sofa or sectional. In some cases, you may not have the room for a larger couch, so finding a new futon might be the best alternative. If that’s the case then you’re in luck, because there are plenty of stylish futons that will fit right in with your home.

Slip Covers

Slip covers aren’t just for couches and sectionals, as they can and should be used for your futon. The slip cover can cover up any rips or stains on the futon and give it a refreshing new look. You can either choose a slip cover that is neutral in color and best matches what the futon looked like before it went on or you can go with a beautiful and bright color that makes the futon stand out in a room full of boring furniture.


A comfy and cozy blanket draped over a futon is one of the best ways to make the piece more inviting and comfortable. Throw blankets come in all sizes, types and textures, so you can have a field day just trying to figure out which option is best for you. If your futon is older or has stains and rips, you can use a larger throw to cover up these areas, making the futon more inviting and newer looking.


Pillows also add a layer of comfort to the futon that nothing else can provide. Not only does this provide a place for you and your family to rest their head if they want to take an afternoon nap, but they can add sophistication and comfort to the piece that nothing else can do for you. Be sure to match the pillow with the throw that you’re choosing to complete the entire look.

Stain Its Wood

If you have a wooden futon with wood arms and legs, one way to liven up the futon is to stain its wood. Staining wood does not have to be expensive and it can be a lot easier than you might think. Just quickly sand off the existing stain or paint and put the new stain on. Allow it to dry and you can use the futon to your heart’s content and it will look brand new.

Add Cushioning

Because futons can go flat over time, you may want to consider adding some more padding and cushioning to it. This can be done on the underside of the futon where the staples to the upholstery are present. Just release these staples and you are able to add extra pads and cushioning to the piece so that it is fluffier and much more comfortable.

Change its Location

If your futon looks drab where it currently is even after adding blankets, pillows and slip covers, you may just need to change its location. This can help to liven up the futon because it’s in a brand new area that makes it more comfortable and inviting. Make it the centerpiece of the room after adding all of the comforting features and you’ll find it gets a lot more use.

Your futon will look so much better after improving its appearance, adding blankets and throwing on some pillows. There is no reason to ditch the futon when there are so many things that you can do that are going to liven it up and make it more inviting to you, your family and your guests.

Staying Fashionable at Your Next Barbecue

Staying fashionable is very important especially for women. Therefore, it is important to dress properly for any occasion including a casual outdoor barbecue.

Since barbecues typically occur outdoors in warm weather an appropriate summer attire would be the way to go. Therefore, dressing in a stylish pair of shorts with a summer print blouse would go very nicely at an outdoor barbecue.


All department and specialty shops almost always display the latest summer outfits including short sets and related attire.

If you choose to wear an print summer blouse, it may be best to choose a plain pair of shorts in a basic color. Basic summer colors may include yellow, white, light blue and light purple.

Aside from appropriate dress attire, it is also important to choose fashionable footwear for ladies. Therefore, you may choose to wear open toe shoes, sandals or basic sneakers. Sandals have become increasingly popular among men and women as part of a summer wardrobe.

Sandals are stylish, not too expensive and the are available in a variety of styles as well as colors. Again, it is best to stick with a basic summer color nothing too loud. For example, you probably want to stay away from colors such as bright red or bright mixed colors. Wearing loud colors in the summertime may certainly garnish much attention. However, the attention you may receive due to wearing loud colors may not be the kind of attention that most ladies hope for.

Sneakers can also be worn at just about any event or function within the summer months. Sneakers are a popular choice especially where a barbecue is concerned. Sneakers have become more fashionable over the years. There are a variety of name brand sneakers that most department stores and foot specialty stores carry on a regular basis.


Especially in the early summer, one touch that you can add is the use of complimentary aromas to really make a lasting impact at your social gatherings. Some aromas that lead the way this time of year are fruits, including mandarin and clementine, as well as floral scents, including vanilla and a wide variety of proprietary blends from all the famous brands. Consult your local department store to find out what’s hot, or fall back on one of the old standbys like Yves Saint Laurent or Christian Dior.

If you’re looking to impress someone in particular, this step can be the difference that sets you apart from the crowd. Remember that if you’re at a barbecue fire can be prevalent and can overpower any aromas that you wear. If you’re hosting the party, you might want to look into a propane fire pit or grill as opposed to charcoal burning alternatives, as this will lessen your exposure to the overpowering aroma of dirtier smokes.


Ladies may also choose some colorful summer jewelry to wear at an outdoor barbecue. Summer style necklaces and bracelets will match just about any summer outfit. Women can really enjoy trying to match up appropriate jewelry with certain outfits especially when a special event is approaching such as an outdoor cook-out or barbecue.

Necklaces made from beads and even sea shells can be worn at just about any event within the warm months of summer. Jewelry of this kind will certainly spice up any summer attire. In addition, summer style earrings would also add a nice touch to a summer outfit. How many times have you heard? I love those earrings or where did you find that cute necklace? Certain attire makes a definite fashion statement. Also, it is possible to set new fashion trends by wearing certain kinds of summer clothing with fashionable jewelry pieces.

Women always seem to enjoy taking about the latest fashions and styles. In addition, women are usually very complementary when it comes to noticing and commenting on another’s outfit. Women in particular are always eager to find out where one of their friends or co-workers bought their shirt or new pair of shorts. Fashion always seems to make an interesting conversation piece.

Rockstar Fashion

Current Rockstar fashion is taking a turn back to the nineties. Iconic pieces like overalls and hoop earrings are making a comeback with just a little bit of a modernized twist. Find out how to rock old favorites in a fresh way to fit in with the rock scene these days.


Choker necklace styles are hot throughout the rock scene. “Tattoo” style plastic chokers in classic black and all sorts of other hues are popular, particularly paired with longer necklaces and pendants. This necklace stacking technique creates a three dimensional display right over an edgy top. Ribbon, velvet, and small charms are also hits in the choker realm.

Hoops are back. Large, metallic circles adorn different music stars’ lobes as they perform, just like they did several decades ago. Silver, gold, and rhinestone patterns alike are making their way into celeb rock scenes across the US.

Scrunchies in solids, patterns, textures, and different widths are entering back into play in the rock scene. While scrunchies are practical in that they are less likely to break hair than elastics, they also add a touch of pizzazz. Nineties style scrunchies are the perfect way for rock musicians, male and female alike, to keep locks out of their faces while jamming out.


Crops are everything. Rather than cropped tanks, tees and sweaters are getting the hack job and being worn to show off midriffs with flared jeans or high-waisted “mom jeans.” Crops with graphic images, slogans, and characters from various shows are gaining popularity, as are different knits with bold stripes. Some are neutral while others boast bold, bright colors. Basic black is always a hit, regardless of rock venue.


Overalls are making a comeback.  Lead guitarists are once again rockin’ it out with one shoulder strap unbuckled. Corduroy, basic black, patterned, and cutoff, these classic bottoms are being paired with crops, turtlenecks, and all sorts of other tops to create nineties-inspired masterpieces.

Flared jeans are coming back to life. While skinnies are a classic, super cigarette style jeans are fading while larger hems are making their way back to the scene. Washes in light, dark, and medium are flooding stages everywhere in lots of different distressed patterns. Wait for the patches and sequins to make appearances and the good old 1990’s will reign again in all their glory.


Platforms, Birks, Chucks, Mary Janes, and basic pool slides are all making their way back into the fashion scene for rock musicians. Platforms extend all the way from heels to sneakers to oxfords. Different shoes adopt chunky, rubber soles with different levels of traction to make a statement all their own. Birkenstocks take on different forms of sandals to appeal to a wide variety of aesthetic tastes. Chuck Taylors are the epitome of a classic sneaker; black is perfect for a rock concert. Mary Janes may fall into the platform category or come with a skinnier sole, depending on the particular style. Perhaps pool slides are donned after the concert to give feet a break from the grind.

Accessories, tops, bottoms, and shoes are all fair game for the nineties trend as it returns to the rock music scene. Enjoy this blast from the past while it lasts; soon another trend will be taking over for US rockstars.

The Latest Trends for Women!

Fashion trends are constantly emerging. Most of us want to stay relevant and ensure that we are staying on top of the newest trends. This article will outline some of the newest hot fashions that are out there and allow you to make sure your wardrobe is fresh and up to date.

All Red

The fashion industry has become captivated by this fiery color recently. Gone are the days where people are saying that less is more. The new trend is more is more! Using this bold color from head to toe has become a top trend setter. This trend is also appears to be staying for the near future so feel free to bulk up on your dresses, jackets, pants, and shirts in all red!


Funky Statement Suits

Women’s fashion is now funky and with fun patterns. Feel free to break out those suits that have fun patterns that make a statement. These new funky statement suits have fun colors that are making statements or patterns that we haven’t seen wore before. Make your statement women, these suits are in it for the long haul.

Hats Galore

Hats have made a comeback. In the latest trends, women are breaking out their boy hats and their berets. Be careful though not every hat has made a comeback. You want to make sure that you are staying away from the wide-brimmed or the fedoras that may have been in fashion before. Instead, go for a solid black hat that has an edgy look. Try out a new leather hat or one with a retro look and see what it adds to your outfit!

Bold Accessories

While some of the accessories have died out, bold accessories seem to be lingering around in the latest fashion trends. One of the top trends are bold earrings. These earrings include wearing large chandelier looking earrings to huge hoops. Another bold accessory are sunglasses. Fashionistas are now accessorizing with large, colored, odd-shaped sunglasses. Feel free to pull out those glimmer heart shape sunglasses. They are funky and fun and fashion loves them! Bold accessories have made a comeback both for the day and nighttime fashion trends so play around with both.


That’s right ladies! We are bringing back the 60’s floral again. Ready to get retro and pull out your inner 60’s look? Now is your chance. This trend is no longer for the couch that you see at the resale shop, instead it has made its debut back onto your dresses, pants, and shirts. Go wild and live a little and add some floral to your new wardrobe. You won’t be sorry!

Beauty Rules to Live By at Every Age

While some beauty tips and tricks seem difficult to relate to depending on your age, there are some rules that everyone should live by! Keep reading for five beauty rules to live by at every age!

1. Moisturizing Every Day

Too few people feel the need to moisturize, but it doesn’t matter if your skin is young or old, dry or oily: this is a step you should never skip! Moisturizing the face replenishes your skin with good oils. While this may seem like a step irrelevant to those of a young age or those with oily skin, moisturizing causes your skin to stop producing bad oils, and will in turn result in clearer, acne free complexion!

2. Wearing Sunscreen

This step is a vital rule to live by for everyone. Wearing sunscreen is something most people of all ages don’t think about regularly. However, the sun truly damages your skin – even if you’re only outside for a few minutes a day! You may not see the results immediately, but sun damage will lead to dark spots, wrinkles, bad texture, and in some cases skin cancer. It is never too late to add this preventative step into your beauty routine!

3. Washing Off Makeup Before Bed

This is a step that often those of an older age may not think about applying to them. This reason is because often those who are older do not wear nearly as much makeup as you younger ladies do! While it may seem that a little eyeliner here or a tad of mascara there isn’t going to hurt your skin, long term you will be regretting having gone to bed without tending to your face. Base makeup such as primer, foundation, concealer, blush, contour, bronzer, highlight, etc., clog pores and lead to acne, excess oil, and general irritation. Eye makeup such as liner and mascara can lead to eyelash loss, and products such as eyelid primer or eyeshadow can build up an excess of oil on your lids. Lip products like liquid lipstick can pull the moisture out of your lips and cause them to become dry and crack, or even transfer onto the skin around your mouth causing acne.

4. Sharing Your Makeup With Others

This applies to absolutely everyone who owns makeup. Never, in any case, should you share your makeup with another person. Doing so spreads germs and puts you at risk for a huge variety of infections as well as breakouts. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule! Foundation in a pump bottle can be shared as it stays completely sanitary. Products such as lipstick can also be shared – but only if they have never been applied directly on the lips and instead applied with a cleaned makeup lip brush.

5. Blend, Blend, Blend

This last tip is a general tip in regards to how your makeup will look. Blending is something many people don’t see the importance of regardless of their age. However, blending your makeup will bring you beauty looks to the next level. Always make sure to blend your foundation down your neck to make sure there isn’t a harsh line where the differing colors are obvious. Never forget to blend out the harsh edges in your eyeshadow to make any look effortless. And, of course, never apply blush, contour, bronzer, or highlight unless you’re ready to spend at least a couple seconds blending them effortlessly into your skin!

No matter your age, beauty rules such as these will keep your skin healthy and your makeup looks ageless!