The Perfect at Home Manicure

For anybody looking to do a perfect at home manicure, you’ve come to the right place. To begin your manicure, start by disinfecting your hands with some soap and water. Do not scrub too hard, as we just want to clear any dirt away, but not dry out the hands or cause redness. Next, you will want to remove any nail polish, dirt, or any other substances that may be trapped between your fingernail and skin. Now you will begin to clip, file and possibly buff your nails. You will want to clip them first if they seem longer than you’d prefer. After you have clipped your nails to the desired length, file in one direction to get that square or round shape. Moving on to the next step, which is pushing your cuticles back. You will start by softening them with lotion or oil, then you will push them back, which can be done with any soft object, but a pencil eraser seems to work well.

The second half of the manicure is actually beginning to apply the products that you will be using, but you will need to clean your hands one last time. You won’t need to use soap and water again, as that can tear away at your skin and cause dryness. You will want to exfoliate using an exfoliating cream, oil, or other product. Exfoliate your wrists, forearms, and especially your hands. This process is done to clear dead skin cells and allows more moisture to enter the skin. It is also suggested that you use a nail brush to get any excess cream or remaining objects out from under your nails. Now rinse your hands with water the reduce any oils that may still be on the skin. We can now begin adding the nail polish and other products to our nails.

You will want to start with a high-quality nail polish base coat, which will ensure hydration and prevent any chipping that may occur. You will now wait two full minutes before applying the next product, which will be a nail polish of your choice. Make sure you brush the polish on with smooth, straight strokes. Do not dab or swirl, as this will cause uneven coats and a less aesthetic looking nail. Cover the nail completely, starting from the cuticle, all the way to the tip of the nail. With full the nail completely covered, you will wait two minutes once again before applying the second coat. If you are using any sheer glazes, it may be necessary to use a third coating, to provide maximum coverage of the nail.

We will now to move on to the topcoat, which should be applied three minutes after the last coat of nail polish has dried, whether you applied two or three coats. Once again, make sure to apply in smooth coats, avoiding dabbing or swirling.

After applying the top coat, you will want to wait five minutes, then check your results. If there are any mistakes, missed edges, or uneven coats, simply take a nail polish remover pad and fold into a triangle to make a more precise correcter.

You now have the perfect nails at home and don’t have to pay those expensive fees!