Almost all women spend a good chunk of their time in the morning styling their hair, but did you know that there are some important basics of hair styling that can help make the process easier, healthier, and give you the most fantastic hair style of your life? Many women are unaware of these fundamentals of hair styling, but they make a huge difference in your morning routine!

The first, most important tip that certified hair stylists agree on is to be aware of the type of hair that you have. Are the strands of your hair thick and coarse, or fine and silky? Do you have natural curls or is your hair naturally stick straight? Do you have “virgin” hair that has never been chemically processed or do you love to dye your hair new colors to mix it up? Knowing the type of hair you have is essential to knowing what kinds of products to buy to style your hair. Buying products designed to work with your specific hair type is one of the most important factors in making sure you get beautiful results and a style that will hold throughout the day. On top of that, using the wrong products can cause damage to your hair in the long run. Identifying your hair type is the first and most important step to make sure that you are styling your hair in the best way possible. If you aren’t sure what hair type or texture you have, ask your stylist during your next hair appointment! They’re the experts and will be able to tell you more about your hair type and what kinds of products will work best for you.

Of course, knowing your hair type isn’t the only important measure to protect your hair. It’s also important to remember to always use products such as a heat protectors when using hot tools like curling wands and hair dryers. Using products like this will save you a LOT of frustration in the long run because your hair will stay healthy and be more manageable.

Now that you know your hair type and have all the products you need to ensure that your hair is healthy and happy, how will you style it? One of the best ways to find hairstyles that will suit you is to look to celebrities for inspiration. Searching for celebrities who have similar hair types for you can help you find the styles that are easiest to style for your own hair type. Another great source of inspiration can be to ask your stylist to style your hair and walk you through the steps after you get your regular hair cut. Most stylists will offer this service for free at the end of a haircut, and it is a great opportunity to see what a hair expert thinks will suit you best.

One final thing to remember when selecting a hairstyle is that the most important thing is to have fun and love the way you look and feel! Don’t feel limited just because a certain style that you love or want to try isn’t recommended for your specific hair type. As long as you can keep your hair healthy to avoid unwanted breakage and split ends, the possibilities are endless!