What To Do This Winter To Be Ready For A Great Look In Spring

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With temperatures dropping and cold winds whipping, it’s difficult to imagine donning a sundress or bikini. But those warm days of spring are just around the corner. What can you do this winter to be ready for a great look in spring? Plenty. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

-Lavish your face. Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your face during winter months. Slough off dead skin and improve brightness and tone with home microdermabrasion. Use a moisturizer daily and include a milk or oatmeal-based facial treatment as needed. Keep lip moisturizer with you at all times to prevent cracking during windy weather. Just because it’s not 100 degrees, the sun can still cause damage to your face. Be sure to apply sunscreen daily.

-Burn, baby, burn. Even when it’s too cold outside for a walk, run or bike ride, you can burn those excess calories indoors. If you don’t belong to a gym, incorporate exercise into your everyday activities at home. While relaxing by the fire, do a few stomach crunches and stretches. Running in place while watching a 30 minute television show will burn 293 calories. If you aren’t in the mood to run, bring a step inside, turn on some music and raise your heart rate by going up and down the step.

-Take time to tone. Again, a gym isn’t necessary to tone those muscles when it’s freezing outside. Grab a full gallon of milk, bottle of water, or five pound bag of sugar and do some curls to tone your arms. Work on your lower body by doing squats and lunges during television commercials.

-Eat smart. When a chill is in the air, your natural instinct may be to curl up with a big plate of hot comfort food. An indulgence now and again is fine, but too much of a good thing will lead to extra pounds come spring. When you’re tempted to overdo it, try on a swimsuit. Nothing will get you more motivated then remembering summer will be arriving soon with the layers of sweaters and coats coming off.

-Handle your hands with care. Bundle up with gloves to keep your hands from getting too dry, causing painful cracks and itching. Apply a lotion with moisturizing relief throughout the day, particularly after washing your hands. If wool gloves have your skin itching, put on a thin cotton glove first, then top with the wool pair.

-Pamper your feet. When you don’t see your toes all day long in summer sandals, you tend to forget about them. Care for your feet through the winter months with plenty of moisturizing at bedtime. Always add lotion with petroleum jelly following a shower, paying special attention to your heels. Treat your feet to a pedicure just prior to their spring debut.

-Renew your mind. Winter brings the holidays, often packed with stressful hours rushing around to prepare for special occasions. When celebrations turn into work, make a choice to take time for yourself. Relax with some yoga, a massage, a movie or a quiet day of reading. Remember to incorporate down time into your busy winter calendar. Make an appointment for relaxation as you would any other important event. Allowing regular time to renew your mind during the winter months will give you a fresh outlook for spring.

This article is contributed by Carleen Coulter, a beauty and fashion writer, and editor ofBeauty and Fashion Tech.

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