Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

So I spent yesterday doing lots of work stuff + shopping around for a special gift for the special guy in my life. I finally found something that is totally ‘guy speak’ + has nothing to do with red, hearts or chocolates. Let’s be honest most guys shower a girl with gifts + sweets because if he doesn’t there will be lots of pouting {they want nothing to do with that}. So in all fairness we should give him what he really wants, right?
My husband is the sweetest most easy going guy I know. He helps with anything I ask + is always going the extra mile for me, no matter what. Like other men though he could do without the pink heart charades + drowning everything in chocolate + red roses. Seriously we both love chocolate but V Day can be overkill + I don’t like red roses. But I love celebrating being in Love+ the man deserves a gift that bears him in mind.┬áThe idea of a beer or wine of the month club is appealing but not as creative as him making his own beer + since my hubby loves to make + try new stuff I decided to do what any loving wife would…look up a brewery.
From the novice up there is a brew kit for everyone. I chose Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition{purchased on Amazon using their Prime program so I will have it in time for the holiday} It comes with everything you need to make your own beer. Note: The bottles are plastic + you may want to get glass. Which is what I ordered next…


As previously stated the beer kit does come with plastic bottles {for safety reasons I am sure} but I’ve never had beer out of a plastic bottle so I found a local {about 2 hours away} brewery supply that carries the glass bottles + caps the he will need once the beer is ready to be bottled. I ordered a case of 24 {12 oz} amber colored beer bottles + one order {144 pieces} of bottle caps. In case any Floridians are interested they deliver {from West Melbourne, FL} $5 next day to nearly all of Florida! Check for details + info.


All those bottles + beer will do you no good without a bottle capper. If you can’t get your hands on right away you, don’t worry, you still have some time to order + wait since it takes a minimum of 14 days to brew a batch of beer.


And if you can’t get any of this stuff in time for the holiday consider getting him a gift card to a local brewery supply store. I’m considering getting one as a future gift just for my husband + his friends to take a little road trip + have guy time. Our 5 year anniversary is still a few months away so it will have to be one of those ‘just because I love you’ gifts {nothing wrong with those}.


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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  1. Aww what a sweet, thoughtful gift!! (and hey I’m in FL too! *wave*)

    I had to smile when you mentioned your 5th and those “gifts just because”…..we’re celebrating our 20th this year. Keep up the sweetness, you’ll be there too–faster than you think! I swear I have no idea how the years went by so fast (and we dated for 4 yrs before marriage).

    Have a great Valentine’s Day with your sweet hubby!

    • Beauty Delicacy

      Wow that is super sweet=) Congratulations=) Enjoy celebrating with your husband.

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