Truly Blue “Red Alert” Lip Gloss

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red lip glossed lips collage

Over the Easter holiday weekend I had a million stops to make for baked goodies + crafts for the little ones. One stop I made was in a new dollar store {not a dollar tree…can’t exactly remember the name of it, something to do with numbers}. And I hit what I deem “the mother lode”. Usually when you’re out you find one or two good buys + either all the other products are out of stock or you find limited stock. I walked away with some N.Y.C. glosses + L.A. Colors lip glosses + Art Deco nail polishes for $7! It was a very good day for a beauty binge=)


I always say if you’re going to do red you mind as well do it right.  I choose my reds very carefully + only own a handful. This gloss can easily be paired with a bright red matte lip liner + equally blue red lipstick like Revlon’s Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick “Cherries In the Snow”, one of my all time favorite go to reds, for a more dramatic look. I’m going to be sporting this gloss all day=) What’s your favorite red shade?