Top 10 Summer Beauty Favorites: No. 6 + No. 5 Conditoner As A Styling Cream

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No. 6

All year long there’s a part of my girly grooming routine obsessively dedicated to my hair. Obsessed with keeping it healthy, moisturized + clean. As of late that obsession has involved using a variety of hair conditioners {I like to switch them up} depending on the weather, seriously the weather! Dry heat does nothing good for curly hair strands or the scalp beneath them + there are days that I feel less than compelled to throw on a sun hat. When the weather is super hot + dry, kind of like today, I use a bit of heavy weight conditioner on my hair as a styling,moisturizing + protective product. For this I use Alba Botanica Mango Moisturizing hair conditioner.





No. 5

When the weather is sticky + wet I go for something much lighter. All summer I’ve been using Clear hair therapy conditioner at least a few times a week. A little goes such a long way that I’m just getting to the end of the bottle. The easiest way to style hair using conditioner is in the shower. I use a small dollop, about the size of a quarter + gently work it in using my finger tips then detangle with a comb {narrow tooth comb for tighter curls or a wide tooth comb for looser curls}. It’s become my favorite + quickest way to get my curls ready for the day.





  • That is pretty clever I add a little extra conditioner to mine when it’s dry out too to weight it down a bit. 😀