Top 10 Summer Beauty Favorites: No. 4 Juicy Orange Lip Colour

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Just a few months ago I was playing around with some pigments + came out with the perfect shade of orange shimmer blush for my cheeks. After that I caught the tangerine bug + started searching for tangerine lip shades. I ended up purchasing two, one that is quite subtle + one that is more reserved for a girls night out. And I love them both.



Black Radiance Moisturizing Lip Stain – Spiced Apricot

A creamy orange shade. It’s more transparent than I like but still gives a sweet orange glow to my lips. They actually label it as a moisturizing lip stain but it doesn’t stain + is really just way too thick to be a stain.


Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Color – 24 Carat Gold

I actually really love this color. It’s more of a coral/orange shade but bright + bold. I plan on wearing this clear into the Fall season no matter how many plum lips I see.

  • I have WnW 24 Carrot Gold, which looks very orange on me, not a color I normally wear but I love it! Can’t be spending $$$ for something I’d wear just occasionally

    Here’s my detailed review:

  • jen m

    Pretty, I love the tangerine trend as well and plan on wearing it into fall too (although i’m a fan of the plum as well :)) If you were interested in a really good stain, I use one called LipSense-stays on ALL day/fantastic and moisturizing when mixed with their gloss. P.S. it comes in this great tangerine pink called “Samon”

    • I’ve never heard of it but will definitely look in to it. I love lippie products! Thanks for sharing jen=)