The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift: Spa Sonic Skin Care System

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7 piece professional kit

I was ecstatic to get the opportunity to review this face + body polishing system. I have been a fan of this brand in particular for over a year, I tragically injured my original earlier in the year + had not gotten around to getting it fixed. But anywho on with what I’m really here to talk about…this sweet gadget.

What I ♥: The Basics

The main device is waterproof with a rubber handle to keep a grip on it.

The attachments are easy to put on + take off.

It’s compact + can be easily stored.

Replacement attachments are easily available on the Spa Sonic website.

It comes with batteries 🙂 What could be more perfect than that!


spasonic rv 2 5-8-2013 6-27-12 PM

simple on/off switch 


spasonic rv 5 5-8-2013 6-28-09 PM

easy to attach/detach

What I ♥: The Results

The small facial brushes are narrow enough to get in hard to reach places + odd angles {like in the dip of my neck}.

The facial buffer {one of my favorite’s to use, feel like I went to the Spa when I’m done} is a game changer with any of my moisturizers.

The large {body} brush is perfect of exfoliating in the shower.

The pumice stone attachment, another favorite, is such a life saver. If you crave pretty feet + soft knees + elbows you will love this attachment.

My skin from head to toe appreciates this polishing system. It’s very gentle but very effective. Results are noticeable right away. I use it on my face/body about 4 times a week + my skin is always glowing.

The Spa Sonic Skin Care System retails for $69.99 but right now is advertising for $44.99. You can also find these at Target stores + they also come in lavender as well!


Perfect for Mother’s Day!

You can learn more about the Spa Sonic Skin Care System by checking out their Facebook + twitter

    • Jessica Teixeira

      Kimberly, I’ve only tried the Olay one {last year} in comparison which is just the facial brush but the results I get improve daily with each use of this system. I wouldn’t say that “for the money it’s…” I think that it’s just great, it doesn’t feel or perform like a cheap product. It delivers on performance + reveals results…I cannot call that “under-powered”.