Testing: Nail Rock 3D Nail Wraps – Doodad Black

Okay so these nail wraps look + feel amazing but working with them was no fun at all. Getting the ends to lay, no matter how many ways I tried, was…complicated but here they sit on my nails looking oh so pretty + rather dark for the holiday season though I think of dark polishes + sleek + sexy rather than dark + dreary. 

I found these nail wraps while shopping in Claire’s last week for some little nail stickers for my daughter. They’re the same brand as the tribal ones I ordered online from beautydotcom so I hope they get more designs in since they just started to carry them.

After realizing how trying getting these on was going to be I opted to only do them as an accent nail to save myself the stress.

We spent our afternoon outdoors today since the weather was so beautiful which means I got perfect lighting on the first try 🙂 And I took tons of candid pics of my little ones + hubby. I’ll post some on my tumblr later… Any time I can get photos of them without having to beg I’m a happy girl.

doodad peach 7

doodad peach 8

doodad peach 10

doodad peach 6

doodad peach 5

doodad peach 2

I loved the look of these + maybe it’s the wraps or maybe it’s me but I’m sure I’ll give it another go in the near future. What do you think of the 3D look of them?


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