Summer Bronzing 101

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Bronzed skin is ultra sexy when it’s not overdone. Bronzer evens out skin tone + gives a sun kissed glow that rings a thousand times healthier + sexier than tanning beds or sun bathing. And the beauty of it? It can work for everyone! So slather on your SPF moisturizer + get your fake bake on.




Before you get started

Always apply bronzer to clean + dry skin otherwise you’ll have streaking + blotches.
To achieve a natural glowing bronzed look avoid going more than 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone.
Make sure you are using a “warmer” toned foundation. If you’re not quite there yet you may want to forgo using foundation + just use the bronzer alone.
Don’t use too much. Avoid looking like a Oompa Loompa + use a light hand when applying bronzer. Use natural lighting so you can really see how much you are applying.
If your natural skin tone is deep tan to dark apply a rosy blush {for darker skin} or a peachy blush {for deep tan skin}. It gives a rosy sun-kissed look + helps the bronzer “show” instead of blending in with your skin + makeup.
If using a gel or cream bronzer + you will also need a cream blush to blend with or apply before bronzer {for deep tan skin tones}

Finding the right shade for your skin tone:

Very Dark: Metallic Copper + Deep Bronze

Dark: True Bronze + Golden Shimmer

Deep Tan: True Bronze + Golden Highlighting Powder

Olive: Honey

Light: Light Bronzer


Apply bronzer to hairline area, bridge of nose, under cheekbones + blend down neck {don’t forget the nape of your neck if you are wearing your hair up}. Try tracing a 3 from the top of your forehead down to your jawline to start with the center being just under your cheekbone. Or dust lightly all over face + neck area.


You can sweep on light to deep gold highlighting powder + bronzer to shoulder {front + top} + cleavage areas to enhance the bronze “effect”. For an evening out lightly sweep on completely dry legs {front shin, side thigh + inner calf areas} down to about midway on the top of your foot. There’s no better way to rock your favorite summer dress.




Highlight the areas you want to show off {cheekbones + temple areas}.




Use complimenting lipstick + eyeshadow shades. Gold, copper, light shimmering oranges {for lips} + matte flesh tone shades all enhance the bronzed look.


Of all the summer looks bronzed makeup is a classic + my ultimate favorite that will always re-emerge season after season.


A few of my favorites that I use to create my bronzed look:


Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Bronzer “Bronzer”






Ulta Extreme Wear Cream Eyeshadow “Exclusive”

Physicians Formula Happy Booster 2-in-1 Bronzer + Blush “Bronze/Rose”

N.Y.C. Liquid Lipshine “Nude York City”