Summer Accessory Haul Part II: Mostly About The Hair

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chiffon hair pins 8-2-2012 1-00-09 PM
So it’s back to the blogging grind. I type those words out as if I don’t love it huh. Forgive my absence over these last few weeks. I’ve been dealing with life on the outside of my computer monitor getting the kids squared away with school, appointments, more appointments + going through a quick {not quick enough} admissions/financial aid/waiting game process of enrolling in University to get my BBA. Sometimes you’ve just got to finish what you’ve started. So now that I’m all settled with that I can get back to blogging regularly at least for a few weeks until classes start. I’ve had this particular post on my calendar for forever now but since I can’t stand a half ass share I figured I’d wait until I could really do it the way I like to do it. So here goes….feels great to finally get back on here=)

I’ve been growing out my short curly hair since April . I know nearly 4 months does not sound like a long time but my hair is really curly so it feels like even longer, oh the transitions it takes me through! I’ve finally grown it out to where it’s long enough for hair pins, barettes + headbands {excitement!} But since I had no time to get to a store the compromise came in at online shopping. Which isn’t so bad, not for me at least. By the time I’m done I’m usually making back a decent portion of what I spent. Anyways on with my goodies. All of these were purchased {online} from Charlotte Russe. Thank goodness they made it to me in one piece!


Mostly About The Hair


Mostly About The Hair by jessica-teixiera featuring floral hair accessories

These hair pins are really pretty + sturdy. I don’t think one curl will be escaping from these metal clasps! I love the mix of the white beads + crystals. Instead of being too much it some how balances it all out.

This is such a great mix of headbands for the price. Really don’t have a favorite since they’re all so pretty but I am a huge fan of skinny headbands. For some reason the thicker ones remind me of the 80’s + overprocessed perms {the horror!}

Last but not least the mixed media studs. I really had to have these when I saw them though there was a moment of minor disappointment when saw them in person. Two things really. First the earrings are bigger than what I thought. I don’t like wearing large studs, I think they’re too much for me. Second thing the actual post part is at the top of the earring back + not in the middle which makes them look even bigger once I have them on. So I have some flat circular posts + I’ll be cutting off the original post + putting on a new one. Solves both problems. Other than that I love these earrings.

  • I freaking love accessories! They always fit perfectly:)