Spring Red Lips With Milani

milani red label 2 5-6-2013 2-04-17 PM

natural light, no flash

So Milani is a brand that I’ve actually never tried before. Honestly their packaging is what kept me away for so long! There’s just something about all that gold that makes me frown. But I wanted to try a new red lip color…I’ll try almost anything at least once.

milani red label 1

taken in natural light, no flash

So here it is. In this photo I’m kind of bare-faced but I was sick {hence the pony-tailed hair} + makeup isn’t so much fun when you are sneezing + coughing all of the time. Being a brown-skinned girl I tend to go for reds that are blue based because they pop + brighten :-)


milani red label 3 5-16-2013 10-34-58 AM

facing away from natural light

Now I have to admit, after trying this lipstick I went out + bought 3 more from the color statement line in equally bright + beautiful colors. They do have a scent to them but I don’t mind. It kind of reminds me of something I used to play with as a child…maybe the Strawberry Shortcake characters? I don’t know but it smells yummy so they’ll be up here soon enough.



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  1. R'Chelle Mullins - May 16, 2013

    That's a beautiful color!

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