Shoe Love : Hot + Bold Nolita Print

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I saw the new Prabal Gurung for Target ad the day the line was released in stores. My intention was to get a pair of the solid pumps {which are equally bright} but when I got to the store + saw these Nolita Print shoes nothing could get the “Sexy Spring shoe alert!” alarm that was going off in my head. My hubby left me in the shoe dept to have a moment with my shoes {yes, a moment} + to try on some other hopefuls that could not quite hold a candle to this bright + bold pump 😉 

pg print shoes 6

But I didn’t get to wear them until last Friday when I went out on a date since it suddenly decided to get cold + rainy down here. They were well worth the wait though. Thank goodness it had stopped raining by the time we stepped out for dinner 🙂

And since I didn’t get any pictures then I snapped a few this morning. Forgive my super casual attire but shoe is after all the star of this post.


pg print shoes 1

pg print shoes 3

pg print shoes 5

pg print shoes 7

pg print shoes 8

pg print shoes 9

There is nothing I don’t love about this shoe. I love the pointed toe, bold colors, print + price {$39.99}. And they are really comfortable to wear. 

Is anyone buying {or bought} any of the shoes from his line? While I was trying these on another woman was trying the lace up open toe black pumps ,”Meet the Parents”, on + wasn’t so convinced she could strut her stuff in them anymore. My advice to her was if she can make it from the car to dinner/drinks then she’s golden! She agreed + decided to buy them 😀 I thought she was so cute + it just goes to show no matter what your age you are never too mature to strut a little sexy 😉

  • Well hello Fabulous!
    Great post-
    What are you doing about chapped cracked winter skin? Any moisturizers or creams you can recommend?
    Ciao ciao for now!

    • Jessica Teixeira

      Hi Cherelynn! I live in a more tropical climate so I don’t really have that problem but shea butter + cocoa butter are dry skin saviors. I highly recommend body butters that have more butters than additives. Always check the label on products before you buy 🙂 hope this helps!