Get Sexy Holiday Make-up

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elf shimmer

Get super sexy, yet understated, holiday make-up this season with clean lined eyes and perfectly colored pout lips. Get your warpaint out ladies, we have guests to entertain and parties to attend!

Line the outer part of your upper,  lower lids and outer corner of your eye for a dramatic look. Try using dark brown or navy blue rather than black, which can look harsh and a bit overdone. Follow with 2 coats of mascara (if you choose).  Tip: Start from the outer part (upper lid) and mark with dots working your way out. Practice makes perfect!

Choose your colors and choose wisely. When it comes to creating the perfect pout color choice is just as important as your confidence. Pick a color that you can *work*…if you aren’t so sure or you want to try out something new play around with it a bit. Wear it around the house or while out running errands…breeze past yourself in the mirror a few times to check yourself out.  Either you’re already looking  good (my guess is you are) or you are just a few lip liner tweaks away. Get a little cheeky! I know full face looks are in this season but save your recital face for, well a recital I guess! A little shimmer goes a long way. My preference happens to be liquid but work with what you are comfortable with. A light dab in the inner corner of the eye area and a little across the cheek (could be high or low depending on face shape and the look you are trying to achieve) and presto…you’ve got your game face on. That’s make-up made easy and fun!

  • Happen to be trying to find this and learned much more than anticipated in this article. Thanks.

  • I love love love those shimmer sticks! xoxoxo