In Review: Revlon CustomEyes Beach Beauty

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revlon customeyes beach beauty closed

Nearly one week later {on my 3rd store stop} I found this shadow + liner palette. Got my first glimpse in Redbook Magazine’s May issue + it was an immediate “want”. I’ve been a subscriber {for years now} and it never fails that when I really want something it actually has not been released yet so really the whole thing is kind of torturous.

This is the palette of gorge that I’ve droold over for the past couple of weeks via page 64 of RB Mag. What made matters worse is when you go to the shopping info page there is no info for this product. I was crazy confused by it. It did not even have the product listed! One Facebook message {and one tweet} later both Revlon + Redbook Magazine replied saying it would be available May 1st. So I waited + waited. And to avoid the longer version of this story I’ll just say I was not able to find this until yesterday {May 6th} at a local CVS.

And the colors are super beautiful. I could really see me using this all summer long. The blue is a really pale but bright blue. The gold/brown color is heavily pigmented + has enough shimmer worthy of the “summer glow” title. You won’t look overdone using these shades like some of the ill-fated 80’s blue shadows that people seem to adore painting up to their brow bones.

I swatched these without any primer {something I would normally use when the temp goes above 80°, very often} but it was super early + the house is only quiet for so long . If you want the blue + gray to stay {since both are so sheer} you will definitely want to use some sort of primer on your lids before applying. You won’t have any issues like that with the other shades though.

Are you planning on purchasing any of the Revlon Summer 2012 Escapism Collection? I loved the blush shades too from this collection but sadly have no need for them at the moment.