Real Techniques Makeup Brush Review

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After reading lots of reviews on makeup brushes recommended by in the know beauty bloggers, a group of truly fabulous women, I decided on Real Techniques brushes. I ordered them from they were only a penny cheaper but the 2 day shipping was as close to instant gratification as I was going to get. But I did not get to use them until this morning! We’ve been super busy with things + I didn’t want to have to rush through any of the tutorials on their site, those are really helpful even if you already know what you are doing.

So let me start off by saying these brushes are extremely soft but firm. And they pick up product like a dream! And for the price I was pleasantly surprised that they performed so well. Both of the sets come in their own self standing cases that also double as storage/travel cases that you can add more brushes too {big bonus}.


Starting with the Core Collection {site descriptions below}

I used all the brushes minus the pointed foundation brush since I used cream to powder foundation today. The site descriptions pretty much sum up how the brushes work + what they are for. But I wish they would have added phrases like “amazing finish” + “flawless makeup application”. The 3 brushes I used are awesome + I don’t doubt that the foundation brush delivers just as well.

  • detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
  • pointed foundation brush: Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage
  • buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
  • contour brush: delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish
  • panoramic brush case is a 2-in-1 case + stand

Starter Set for eyes {site description below}

I used 4 out of 5 of the eye brushes {did not use the accent brush yet} + they really picked up the shadows nicely + made blending a breeze. The base brush was the stiffest of all the brushes but worked just as well at the others.
  • base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color
  • deluxe crease brush: soft, oversized design for effortless contouring
  • accent brush: designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging
  • pixel-point eyeliner brush: tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application
  • brow brush: distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows
  • panoramic brush case is a 2-in-1 case + stand


Blush Brush + Stippling Brush

{the two pink handled brushes below} – I love these brushes! They are self standing but still fit in the case. The blush brush is cut perfectly to evenly distribute blush when you’re sweeping it on your cheeks {no one spot darker/brighter than the other} + the stippling brush evenly distributes powder without smudging the makeup you already applied to your face.



I also purchased a bdellium retractable lip brush. It’s quite small {will fit nicely in a clutch} but opens to a full size tool. This little guy is really cute + works beautifully.



What are your favorite go to brushes? In the future I definitely want to try the bdellium + sigma lines.

  • mskillifish

    Really surprised to read such a glowing review. I’ve just brought he lash-brow groomer and its useless. Prongs to wide for eyelashes and brush too soft for brows

  • Urgey

    Thank you kindly,you made me can decided to choose which I confused in many brands.