The Perfect Summer Red Gloss: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss Fire

Red is probably one of my most favorite lip colors to wear + my least favorite to shop for. There are so many undertones + then there is matte, no matte, shine, shimmer…glitter! By the time I’m through my lips are pretty much stained for a few hours. At all costs I avoid ordering it online until a couple of weeks ago. My entire brain had to be on vacation because I also ordered a huge bottle of shampoo that should definitely have been conditioner! But this is one online shopping no no for me that I’m going to pat myself on the back for. This is the perfect Summer red gloss.

Purchased this from drugstore dot com along with the Strawberry shade.



It’s very translucent + glossy so to hold the color + gloss in place I lined + filled in my lips with a flesh tone lip liner {L.A. Colors Cappuccino} first.



I only needed one coat of gloss. One coat!







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9 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Red Gloss: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss Fire

  1. It looks so good on you! (and one coat?? Fab.)

    • Jessica Teixeira

      Thank you Jean=)

  2. I have this lip gloss too and I love it! I’m still getting into the red lips so I haven’t worn it that much. It looks great on you!

    • Thank you Eugenia! There is also one by L.A. Colors that I love too I think it’s called Red Alert. I think that would look really awesome on you as well.

  3. Alice Dewa

    Gorgeous colour, sheer but still surprisingly pigmented!


    • Thank you Alice, it really is a red to love=)

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