Perfect Pout: Jean Queen Lip Gloss



I’ve been wanting to try this brand of lippies ever since I read Poppy King’s book ‘Lessons of A Lipstick Queen’. The book itself was a good read but the process to which she went through to develop her product is inspiring gets you to wonder “just how great is this lipstick?” Well not being able to decide on which shade of lipstick I wanted lip gloss ended up in my basket. I love a good gloss + now I have one more to add to my must-have list.



Two things I was afraid of:

1. I had wasted my money on a sticky icky gloss that would have my full lips sticking together.

2. The color would be all wrong. You can’t go by a swatch on the screen + it looked really putty-ish + too opaque to be that shade.

Proud to say I was wrong on both counts.



Quality – 5 out of 5

A true non-sticky gloss that goes on smooth + stays in place for hours. Really, hours! I’ve been using it for 5 days now + have yet to reapply more than twice in one day‚ô•

Packaging – 3 out of 5

The tube is harder than average but it allows you to squeeze without squirting it everywhere or using too much at once.

Color – 5 out of 5

The color is perfect! It isn’t as opaque as it looks in the tube but still has enough color to be noticed on my lips.

Price – Worth it!

I paid $18 for this gloss + it was totally worth it.


I am having the worst time with lighting today. There is some huge storm moving through so I’m working with what I’ve got=) Here’s a close-up of Jean Queen on my lips. It’s a pinkish-nude shade without being too nude or too pink. Think I’ll try the lipstick next.