Organize Beauty Loot On A Budget

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I've used this metal case for the last few months until about a week ago when literally no more polishes would fit so I moved them to a larger space.

Pretty Up A Pencil Case

Finding lip liners + eye pencils just got a lot easier. All it takes to transform this plain desk top pencil organizer is some pretty paint, a decorative pendant + a little glue.


I got this gray desk top pencil cup from Target for $2.88.


Using a little paint + a necklace pendant added shine + character.


There are 4 divided sections that make it easy to organize lip liners, kohl eye liners + liquid eye liners {some of them look just like regular liner pencils}.


1. Turn the case upside down + paint with chosen color. If you’re using a paper organizer, like I did, don’t layer on the paint too thick. Let the first coat dry before adding a second one.

2. If your pendant has a loop for a necklace carefully cut it off with a small pair of cutting pliers + use a metal nail file {or the very coarse side of a paper one} to file down sharp edges. Then glue the pendant in the center of the organizer + let dry according to glue directions.

3. Add your lip liner + eye pencils with the color ends facing up.


I used a low odor spray paint as it covers evenly + dries quickly on paper {no lingering smell once it’s dry}. If you are not a paint person add some flatback gemstones/crystals for a little bling effect.

If you want more of a sparkle, sprinkle some glitter on the organizer while the paint is still damp then cover with a clear sealer to make sure it stays put.

I used Gorilla Glue {very little since it expands as it dries} to make sure my decorative pendant stays on.


Divide + Conquer Makeup 

When I asked my husband for suggestions on how/where I should store my horde of makeup he quickly brought me this 3 drawer plastic container that I have come to l-o-v-e. I do have a traditional large silver makeup case but it doesn’t come close to the ease of use or storage space I get out of this drawer organizer. It’s also super easy to clean + find products.

1. Sort through your makeup + toss all the gross beyond useable products. Remember makeup does not have a lifetime warranty. I’ll tell you now if you have opened mascara that you haven’t touched in the last 3-6 months it needs to go, end of story.

2. Divide your makeup into 3 sections: face, eyes + lips. I placed my drawers in the order that I apply my makeup.

Find these 3 drawer containers just about anywhere {for under $20} + they are easy to clean.


In the top drawer organize your face makeup {blush, foundation, bb cream, concealer, powder}.


In the second drawer eye makeup {mascara, shadows, eye primer, eye palettes}



In the third drawer lip makeup {lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, lip palettes}

Once your done label the front of each drawer with face, eyes or lips.


Use Stacking Containers

Use open front stackable containers for combs/brushes, face cleansers, face moisturizer + body moisturizer. You can mostly find these in a local discount store like Dollar Tree + quite likely get more than one for a dollar.


Re-Purpose Makeup Train Cases

If you have train cases that you are no longer using for makeup that are still in good condition use them to hold nail polishes + accessories. Avoid laying down any type of polish removers in them though unless you are absolutely certain it won’t leak.

I’ve used this metal case for the last few months until about a week ago when literally no more polishes would fit so I moved them to a larger space.





  • Great tips! I just posted how I store and organize my makeup and beauty products on my blog and I love to see how other people do theirs! 🙂

    • Beauty Delicacy

      Thank you=) It’s one of those do or die things every few months otherwise you’ll never find anything!

  • Great ideas!! I also use toothbrush holders for my smaller brushes. It’s amazing what you can find to organize your cosmetics in an inexpensive way. My favorite colors are pink and purple so I like to wait until the end of summer to buy my organization products from Target/Walmart because they’re usually on clearance by then in different colors for the high school graduates and college kids. 🙂  Desk, office, and kitchen supplies work great for cosmetics.