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I don’t normally wear a skirt or dress {like ever} when I’m out + about {solo} with my munchkins. It’s not that I don’t like wearing them but let’s be real my 2 year-old loves to keep mommy “on her toes” + combine that with my 4 year-old wanting me to see everything + my 6 year-old being bored out of his mind the last thing I want to happen is a mishap involving me + my derriere!

A while back I was inspired by a page called Pretty Girls Rock Dresses to get back in the habit of slipping on something pretty or a little edgy just for fun. I started with a striped maxi skirt, then a basic {a.t.k.} navy dress + before I knew it I was hooked! So now I’m wearing dresses + skirts a few times a week without the dreaded feeling of “Can I pull this off?”


ootd blue stripes neon 5


Here’s what I rocked yesterday. A basic bright blue {my favorite shade of blue} tank top + a basic striped stretch skirt with neon sandals. The skirt is “kid-friendly length” + the top is low maintenance {read: machine washable} so if someone happens to put their sticky little fingers all over it I don’t have to fuss with dry cleaning. This photo is so blurry + is 1 out of about 10. My  son would not stop crawling around my ankles hence I could not hold still, oh well lol. 

ootd blue stripes neon 2

ootd blue stripes neon 1

In terms of color I loved what I was wearing but in terms of comfort I felt like it was a bit revealing. So I of course asked my husband his thoughts + he loved the outfit explaining that showing my curves was not the same as showing too much skin. So with a little reassurance I went about my day running errands, shopping
+ enjoying the beautiful weather with my little ones.

Top: Walmart $4 Skirt: French Connection UK Style Sears {I’ve had it for a while so I don’t remember the price} Shoes: Marshalls $10

♥ ♥ ♥

Originally I finally thought to snap a few photos when I got back home in the afternoon for personal inspiration {I get so lazy sometimes + throwing on shorts or jeans just seems much easier}. I didn’t even think of posting it until today when I woke up to a cloudy view of the sky + realized I would be definitely wearing pants 🙁  Tomorrow’s weather is looking good though so I’m going pick out a skirt + some cute accessories + keep my fingers crossed 🙂

Are you a little brave in terms of clothing + accessory choices when toting around your little ones?

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