Nail wraps are usually my go to method for a quick nail pick me up. My wraps typically last me a week or until I take them off after a few days. I ordered these from beautydotcom a few weeks back + since I’m back to running on my regular busy schedule it seemed like good a time as any to play around with them. 

tribal gold 6

Used O.P.I. Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! + N.Y.C. Pink Promenade as two accent colors. I could easily fall in love with this pink, it’s like super pretty pink!

tribal gold 5

tribal gold 1

tribal gold 3

tribal gold 4

So what do you think? There is nothing quicker than a designer nail wrap + there’s nearly nil of a chance of you chipping it off!


2 thoughts on “NOTD: Quick Pink + Gold Tribal Nails

    1. I like how they have so many different designs. I also recently found out that they sell them in some Walmart stores as well for about $7.

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