Newest Addiction: Vegan Cuts Monthly Beauty Box

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vegan cuts beauty box (4)

vegan cuts beauty box (4)

Vegan Cuts July Beauty Box

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a monthly beauty box/bag. In June I was super close to getting an Ipsy Glam bag but with my love for cruelty-free brands I cancelled at the last minute as it didn’t seem likely that I would get products that actually fit the criteria. Some how I came across the vegan cuts site + saw an offer for their first vegan beauty box…I jumped on the opportunity.

Here are some facts as provided by the Vegan Cuts website:

  • Quick Facts
  • $19.95 monthly
  • Free shipping to the U.S.
  • Retail value of $35+ in each box
  • 4-7 products per box
  • Mix of full & sample sizes
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • Focus on organic, eco & natural
  • Cancel anytime

The packaging itself was nothing fancy {I didn’t mind} but what was inside the priority mail box was super impressive. I received 8 products in total + I’ve started using more than half of them. As a forewarning I took too many pictures but I wanted to share them all. Not only is this box worth the $19.95 the brand introduction to cruelty-free {and even some vegan} brands totally peaks my interest.

vegan cuts beauty box (40)

vegan cuts beauty box (16)

vegan cuts beauty box (56)

I love this little bag.

vegan cuts beauty box (27)

First of all it’s red…

vegan cuts beauty box (31)

plus it’s animal-friendly + PVC-free 🙂

vegan cuts beauty box (64)

This little tube of mascara is simply amazing. It’s vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free + paraben-free. I’ve used it a few times + love how my lashes stay big, bold + clump-free. Go #teamprettylashes

vegan cuts beauty box (23)

Currently wearing this polish on my nails {as I type} as an accent nail paired with white nails.

vegan cuts beauty box (36)

The color pay-off is gorgeous. It’s bright, coral + perfect for Summer.

vegan cuts beauty box (62)

I’m also a fan of the square bottle. It just looks très chic.

vegan cuts beauty box (32)

This was the first product I used when I opened the box. It smells yummy, tastes yummy + makes my pout glow.

vegan cuts beauty box (21)

This is the cutest little sample of argan oil I’ve come across yet.

vegan cuts beauty box (14)

The little spout on top lets me use just the right amount without wasting product. I wonder if their full size products are the same?

vegan cuts beauty box (12)

This 5 in 1 moisturizing tinted sun screen is truly a non-greasy formula.

vegan cuts beauty box (37)

So I know the color kind of looks like peanut butter with jaundice but I’ll take it over the usual pasty stuff I have to contend with against my tan skin. I was able to use this under my mineral powder + liquid foundations.

vegan cuts beauty box (8)

At first I thought this was a fragrance parfum…thank goodness I read a little before opening. This is actually a blend of essential oils, from Essence of Vali, used for sleep + to relive stress when awake. I added a few drops to my pillow {as instructed} one night right before bedtime. The scent is intoxicating + relaxing.

vegan cuts beauty box

Keep your eyes on the gold. This color is going to be super popular for Fall 2013.

vegan cuts beauty box (22)

I love the name {Swagger Cosmetics} + I love the name of the color even more.

vegan cuts beauty box (46)

I swatched this on the back of my hand {could not get the photo to come out clear} but it is truly a rosy golden shade. It reminds me of a pink gold ring I had when I was a little girl. It had six roses as a band with rubies in the center of each rose.

vegan cuts beauty box (26)

Rosewater is one of my favorite floral waters to use, especially when the temps start to go up.

vegan cuts beauty box (49)

I haven’t tried this product yet but once I do I’ll probably be hooked.

vegan cuts beauty box (13)

I like all of the “NO” listed on here.

So that is my Vegan Cuts July Beauty Box. I encourage you to try one. With products that offer so many benefits to the Earth, animals + consumers I don’t see how anyone could lose.

  • I like everything in here! Great stuff!

    • Jessica Teixeira

      Thank you geniabeme. I was impressed with what I got, especially the nail polish.

  • Jessica,
    I have not heard of this subscription box yet, but I think I will try it, looks great!