Natural Beauty With Play Pretty Beauty Part 1

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This post has been in the works for quite a while {actually since the beginning of July} so it’s overdue. I had the pleasure of attending a Play Pretty Beauty party at a friends house back in June. We had a very relaxed atmosphere of an all female audience including the co-founder of the cruelty-free company Danielle Knox Ross.

More about the co-founder: “Danielle Knox Ross is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and tv host. She has reported and anchored the news in several television markets across the country. In 2009, Danielle hung up her anchor hat and put on her hosting hat. Currently, Danielle hosts The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television – America’s premier morning show about women, for women and trusted by women. As the mother of three young boys, she certainly knows abut balancing it all! {excerpt from company about page”

More about the products from their about page: “Play Pretty Beauty specializes in natural-based products with no mineral or petroleum oils, harsh detergents, drying SD alcohol or lanolin, which can be highly allergic. Handmade in small batches to ensure quality and the finest natural ingredients, Play Pretty Beauty products will change your idea of natural skin and hair care. You’ve finally found it; a product line that does more than just look good. Play Pretty Beauty will truly help heal your mind, body and spirit with beneficial ingredients that work.”

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Natural body butters to sample in Martini glasses…so chic!

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This table housed soaps + serums.

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They all smelled so delicious…

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I bought one of these…

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and one of these.

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I wanted to buy these too…

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but I bought one of these instead.

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I didn’t buy one of these. A girl’s gotta budget sometimes.

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Sampling…bought a couple of these.

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More sampling…

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And mingling. The smiling diva in the middle is the host + my friend Dayana {pronounced Diana though according to Starbucks she is Dana…we’d go to Tim Horton’s instead if they had one here}

I walked away that day with about $40 worth of product that I just could not wait to try. Danielle was very helpful in explaining how each creme + soap could be beneficial for certain skin personalities. Given the opportunity I would attend another event like this, even one featuring this company. I had so much fun + learned quite a bit chatting it up with some of the guests. Stay tuned for part two where I share what I bought + some new samples that Miss Danielle sent to me herself after I had a mishap with one of the products I purchased. Don’t fret though because in the end I still get my fairytale, trouble free skin + you get reccomendations for some awesome products.

For all of you local readers this company is based locally here in South Florida so no waiting forever to get your order in. You can see what they have to offer by checking out their site

  • This looks so fun! I love the butters in the martini glasses!