Natural Exfoliating + Moisturizing Face Scrub


This is a super easy face scrub that I made about a week ago. My face feels baby soft + has a sweet natural glow to it. The arrowroot powder calms inflammation, kelp powder detoxifies + the castor oil cleanses.  I like doing this at night as it gives your cells time to regenerate + repair while you sleep as well as your skin time to “breathe”.


Pink Himalayan Salt {finely ground} – 1/2 – 1 tsp

Rose Hip Powder {1 tsp}

Arrowroot Powder {2 tsp}

Kelp Powder {2 tsp}

Castor Oil {2 tsp}

Rice Bran Oil {2 tsp}

Apricot Kernel Oil {3 tsp}

Meadowfoam Seed Oil {1tsp}

Mix all ingredients in a small container that can be sealed well. Apply to moist clean skin. Work the scrub into your skin using the tips of your fingers. Use a very warm washcloth to apply to face letting it cool down twice before finally rinsing scrub off with warm water. Immediately follow with face serum or light moisturizer. Mix before each use + avoid getting water in the scrub mixture.



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