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vanity update

So I’ve been on the fence for about a month now with regards to updating my dressing table. While I do still love it in it’s traditional state I’m the kind of person that needs a change every so often. And I still LOVE the table just wanted something a little different…you know how that is, right? It happens to the best of us…just can’t help it I guess.

malm before

This is the before…way before. Before we moved, before I changed the decals under the glass + changed the brush storage.

vanity decals

{Sorry for the blur…taken from my Instagram a couple of weeks ago}

I decided to start with adding knobs. It took me a few weeks to even come close to what color/shape/material appealed to me. Finally narrowed it down after I found these cute decals at the dollar store. Of course for $1 each I couldn’t go wrong with picking up a few different designs to try. And I just found out the other day that they carry some similar decals in Walmart {though I can’t stand going there for anything, my 3 year old needed a new night light} + I happen to see some. They are about $3 a design there.


So my hubby is working on finding extensions for the drawer + we were in Lowe’s when I found my dream knobs {that sounds so funny but it’s true}. They are designed by Michael Aram + cost me about $4 each. I had to wait a few days for delivery but it was pretty fast + free! They’re called Flint knobs.

vanity update-007

Even after I got these in I still had to wait another 2 days for my hubby to put them on…I am not a very patient woman when it comes to certain things. Trying to work on that but it’s a toughie. Either way the little wait was worth the results.

vanity update-002

I have not updated the inside again yet, though I’m planning to once my husband adds the extension for the drawer, I still love being able to grab the knobs to open it instead of underneath the drawer. Plus touching it so often led to me having to clean it at least twice a week. And I purposely left the mirror on the side since it’s right next to the window…don’t want to look like I put my face on in the dark!

vanity update-005

Overall I’m really happy with the look + only plan on adding {maybe} one other little personalized detail before I call it perfect. I still like having my designated candle though. This soy one I found at Marshalls for about $6 or $7.

vanity update-004

I also started using a box + lid just to hold a few items. I like the colors so I may just leave it but I’m also thinking about adding some clear organizers instead.

vanity update-012

Oh + I’ll be updating this lampshade soon. Cannot wait for winter break from school so I can really get some projects done.

vanity update-001

And this wouldn’t be much of a beauty blog without showing off some makeup so here is a little pile of things I’ll be reviewing soon {definitely not all at once}. I think I’m pretty stocked up through the new year with a few other items coming in as well. Some goodies from Tarte, Coastal Scents, Nars, Urban Decay, Black Radiance {they make the most fabulous lip products}, Concrete Minerals, Crown Brush, NYX, DuWop, Lipstick Queen, Eco Tools, Julep + Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Fun, fun + more fun!

So are you planning to get the MALM as a gift for the holidays? I would love to see a pic + set up if you do. Of all the dressing tables I checked out this was the most versatile + sleek plus you can personalize it with a few unique items + clever ideas.

{Thanks for reading!}

  • Emily

    Hi, I’m looking at getting this same table frome IKEA because I love it!! I’m wondering, about how deep is the drawer? Do you know what I mean? Like how tall is the iside of the drawer I guess because I’m trying to pick some drawer organisers but I want to make sure they’ll fit height-wise. Thanks!

    • Jessica Teixeira

      Okay, so I measured – cause accuracy is key lol – you can easily fit something that is 3 inches tall in the drawer. In another one of my posts I have a picture of some organizers that I put in there when I first got it a couple of years ago. I think I got them from Target. Hope this helps and good luck! I’d love to see pictures when you are finished.

  • Sue Ellen Figueroa

    Looks so pretty

    • Jessica Teixeira

      Thank you Sue!

    • Thank you Sue!