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Decor Makeup Updates

Every few months I find myself changing up how + where I store my makeup. A few months back we moved + I’ve been trying to get it together ever since. If you’ve ever moved, most of us have at some point, you know that no matter how much you unpack you never get it all sorted right away. Well I unpacked every box + have been trying to declutter + giveaway stuff ever since. Finally got a handle on it in early Spring + decided this year my makeup was going to start living the more organized life. It’s hard to use what you have if you never see it. And I’ve got a lot to be used!

What it looked like before…don’t know how any of it even

What it looks like now. There is a slight difference in the amount of drawer space I have access to since adjusting it but I still need to change out the drawer slides to be able to access the full size of the drawer.



Sorry for the blurry photo {blame it on Instagram} I was using this black chair + we made it a little more appealing by painting it white + covering the cushion with a velvety bright green fabric that reminds me of Spring.

updated chair


This is as far as the drawer opens after adjusting it. There is still about 4 1/2 inches of space back there that I need to get to.


The dividers in the drawer are actually used for tool boxes + I wasn’t too happy with giving them a second thought at first but once the makeup was organized it made sense + has a uniformed look but still going to try to find them in white {one day}.




The clear containers were purchased last year when I got the dressing table.



More functional storage: The plate + organizer are from Target. Anything I reach for daily goes here.



Normally this tray is flipped upright but it just didn’t look right so I flipped it over + I keep my paper {for writing thank you notes}, favorite scented candle + other things I’m using at the moment here.


 For the final, and millionth, time I had my husband move around the furniture in our bedroom {that man has such patience with me lol♥}. We got new bedroom furniture so once the old stuff was gone I had lots more space to move things around. Our walls are currently white, and will probably remain so, because I love light, open spaces + nothing reflects better than white. Originally I wanted to use these shelves for makeup stuff but after going through the clutter + tossing + organizing I didn’t need or want them to be clothed in makeup junk. So we decided to put them up along the wall next to the dressing table rather than above it.  Underneath is an ottoman for seating that also doubles as storage. It’s black so it doesn’t go with anything right now but I’ll be giving it a makeover soon as well.


These shelves used to be black + were used in our living room area {before we moved}. Since getting longer shelves we just had these stored away but I didn’t want to toss them because you never know when you’ll need a good shelf + they aren’t that cheap to come by either.


My next makeover is going to be our dresser. It’s the last ounce of brown in our bedroom. For years we had brown furniture, it was my husband’s from before we moved in together so you know it’s been a long time, so now I am beyond over it + looking forward to being surrounded by bright beautiful colors.

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  • Jasmin Calhoun

    Wow! I have never seen such an abundance of make up in a clean & organized setting. Great job!