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Day 1 | Lipstick Love

These are my utmost favorite lipstick shades from Wet N Wild. I reach for them year round {no matter the season} + for some I even have backups since a tube or two has been known to fall victim to the hands of my little ones! For some reason they love to watch all of the color smash into the top of the lids. So anyway in no particular order {okay lightest/darkest} these are my lipstick must-haves.

So yes my hand looks super awkward but I consider that to be totally normal since my three year old was sitting at my feet bouncing while I’m trying to hold perfectly still. Life’s little challenges!

L to R | Sugar Plum Fairy | Red Velvet | Mocha-licious | Mauve Outta Here | Smokin’ Hot Rose | 24 Carrot Gold

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24 Carrot Gold

I probably have the most fun with this peachy orange shade since I don’t wear it too often. Since shades like this can tend to look overapplied {for my personal taste + the look I’m usually going for} I use a small flat concealer brush to blend for a softer look that allows the bright color to stay fun + very much intended.

wnw day 1-010

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Smokin’ Hot Rose

This is another bright fun shade that I blend a little with my concealer brush. It reminds me of the Bubble Yum bubble gum I used to chew as a kid, so bright + bubbly!

wnw day 1-016


I got slightly bored waiting for the sun to stop ducking behind the clouds so I started playing with some of the settings on my camera but you can still catch that big pop of pink on my lips!

wnw day 1-017

Mauve Outta Here

So not a color that I would typically care for but I dared myself to try it out so here it is. This is my summer pink, you know the one you throw on when the only other makeup you’re wearing is face powder + mascara. It’s more of a pale pink but it goes so well with bronzed skin.

wnw day 1-026

Red Velvet

No such thing as a list of lipstick favorites without a token red lipstick thrown in there. Originally I bought this because I couldn’t get over the name, reminds me too much of red velvet cake, but I ended up loving it {after I finally started using it}.

wnw beauty day 1-003


This is pretty much the best pinky/brown nude lipstick shade I’ve ever found under $3. This is my “unseen to be seen” shade because it goes so well with a smoky eye + played up lashes.

wnw day 1-030


wnw day 1-035


Sugar Plum Fairy

Super pretty shade of dark berries that I love wearing with floral prints. It reminds me of Spring for some reason. Not too dark but not too bright, something like the best of both worlds.

 wnw beauty day 1-001

And again.

wnw beauty day 1

So in case you can’t already tell Wet N Wild is one of my favorite drugstore brand cosmetics. I probably own close to one of everything that they sell minus their foundations since they don’t carry my shade. Be sure to check out my day 2 post featuring more looks + products.

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  • you definitely rock the pink lipstick! <3


  • Wow, now I really want 24 Carrot Gold, Smokin Hot Rose and Mocha-licious. I have a bunch of these lippies, but at the price they are I don’t feel guilty buying more! They look gorgeous on you.

  • I need to add Red Velvet to my red lippie colleciton <3