Adding a little shimmer to your eyes goes a long way. I’ve been trading up my usual blue + purple shades to sport golden-yellow + orange hues. It’s a done up look without being overdone. Almost any shadow will crease in this indecisive weather we’ve had, hot one day + humid + raining the next, so I use a little primer before I apply any color to my lids.


Cargo EyeBronzer

I got this in a Glossy Box a couple of months back + I loved the color but not normally a fan of shimmer shadows. I warmed up to it though. And it warmed up my eyes for a not so average smokey eye.


What to do:

Lightly apply Cargo EyeBronzer from lid to just above the crease. Line your lids with a darker complimenting shade like chocolate-brown, plum or navy. Avoid using black. It can be shadow or liner but make sure it’s a thin line + make sure it blends. I use shadow because it’s easier to blend.



Wet N Wild – I Got Good Jeans

I gave a little sigh of joy when I saw this eye palette. And originally it caught my eye because it had blue in it but having so many blue shadows I felt like I really had no need for it but it was certainly pretty to look at. But I finally bought it for the yellow golden shade on the bottom.



I wear this one basically the same way as the EyeBronzer but more so for date night. Because it’s a yellow gold it’s more dramatic on my tan skin. I also use the metallic navy shade to line my lids. Pretty brown eyes benefit too from using the right blue shades the right way!



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