FOTD + Beauty Favorites from YBF + E.L.F.



Makeup in general {for me} is about enhancing + owning what is naturally yours. While I will always love a pop of color for a deep blue eye or bright red lip my most natural instinct is to go for earth tone colors. They compliment my skin tone + accentuate my features. During the cooler months of the year I like to skip the lipstick + focus on my eyes + cheeks. During the hotter months wearing eye makeup is nearly impossible so I kind of roll with the hand mother nature deals.


I’ve had this E.L.F. Little Black Beauty Book in the warm python edition for about 2 months now + it has classic earth tone shades with a twist. Save a few shades these shadows have subtle shimmers + plenty of color to go around. I do have a favorite though, the plum/burgundy shades. I actually use those to line my upper lids {as if I were using regular eye liner} by wetting an accent brush before dipping it into the color. It increases the intensity of the shadow color + stays put all day + I do mean all day long.














This YBF {Your Best Friend} brighten, hide + sculpt concealer I’ve actually had a little longer, probably since May. I don’t really sculpt/contour but I do love to highlight just above my cheek bones. I use the two lighter shades, applying the lightest one first, blending out with the medium dark shade.








And this is my fotd. I used about 3 shades (a golden one, the matte plum color + the yellow golden color) for my eyes. And no blush but I did use the YBF to highlight my cheekbones. I also used two Physicians Formula mascaras {review coming soon on those} + lined my lids lightly with a purple liner. There is nothing on my lips not especially after I had lunch, I made spaghetti + now the thought is making me hungry! And btw my shadow liner is still going strong! And yes I ALWAYS wash my makeup off before bed even if I only use a cleansing wipe to do so.






I am so distracted in this photo below! Totally forgot Sunday night that the little ones had no school on Monday…I’ve been tired. So trying to take these pics with all 3 of them talking to me + wanting my attention had me concentrating really hard to take a not so blurry picture. As you can see it was a challenge! Thanks for reading=)