Easy Ways To Dress Up Your Ordinary Beauty Routine

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It’s so easy to forget the basics when trying to get brushes + other makeup piles organized. I personally tend to get wrapped up in elaborate storage systems that not only cost a mini-fortune {seriously, I could by a few good pairs of shoes with money like that!} but after a while I get bored with one setup + I’m on to the next. So I reuse as much as possible + swap out other decorative storage items I may have been using elsewhere in my office space or really anywhere in my home.

You can easily add your brushes to a pretty jar, candle holder or decorative box. Even if you have a plain sectioned box you can use a small tube of paint from the craft store to give it some color + character. In my case I reused a glass candle jar. It’s a pretty large one that I think I got from BBW.

Easy steps:

makeup brush storage

Freeze the jar for a couple of hours to pluck out any leftover wax {otherwise you will be scrubbing with soap forevah!}.

makeup brush storage-001

I popped the wax out using a table knife. If you find yourself struggling with the wax pop the jar back in the freezer for another 30 minutes + then try again.

makeup brush storage-002

After the wax is out wash clean + dry. Now is the time to wash it good! You don’t want any residue left over from the wax or anything else. {Tip: the brush heads may never touch the jar but my hands do so I used the same cleanser that I use for my face}

makeup brush storage-003

And after a nano second of a thought I soaked the bottom label off too. It looks much better without it.

makeup brush storage-005


Put the goods on display. You can add filler at the bottom or nothing at all. I use mine both ways.

You don’t have to put all of your treasures in a drawer or makeup case. Display your favorite buys + gifts. I typically leave out {makeup} products that I’m going to be testing just so I don’t forget about them!

makeup brush storage-006

I used the lid of a box here + you can see my other brush storage jar {also a reused candle jar}.

There are so many inexpensive ways to dress + re-dress your products + tools as long as you have the basics.

{thanks for reading}

  • My bathroom/vanity before I moved was a Roman bath theme. I got one of those cement type pillars at Michaels that could sit on the vanity. I put those beads in there and it held my brushes.

  • Lisa Chakan

    Super ideas, Jessica! I’m now going to repurpose all those nearly-done candles I’ve got sitting around the house. Love the filler!!!!!

  • MyNewestAddiction

    Love it! I always wanna get the wax out but I get lazy!

  • MyBeautyJunction

    Lovely idea. I’ve been using the Real Techniques brush case to stick in all my brushes but it’s getting out of hand lately with growing numbers. Thank you for the freezing tips before de-waxing the candle jars!