Easy Hair Care + Products For Gorgeous Hair

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I recently started posting “notes” on my fb blog page. Not sure how it happened but it just seems quicker sometimes + somehow not as formal as prepping a post for the blog. Here two recent posts on hair care 🙂

Post: Almost DIY Conditioner for Pillow Soft Curls

diy conditioner 5-10-2013 11-54-23 PM

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I use this conditioning combo at least once a week. It keeps my scalp moisturized, my curls hold their shape longer + it makes my hair super soft.

 Now you could use any conditioner you have on hand but I found this works best with a heavier “everyday” conditioner, I’ve tried it with a few other types/brands that didn’t do much for my hair at all.

What you need:

 {1 cup or fill bottle 3/4 of the way}  Renpure Organics Body + Shine Conditioner – This brand is cruelty-free, paraben-free, as well as free of colors, dyes + sulfates. I’ve used this brand in particular for years + it has never steered me wrong

 {3 tbsp} Orange Blossom Raw Honey – I use this type for everything but any raw/organic honey is better than no honey at all!  Honey is a humectant {helps retain moisture}, naturally fights bacteria {this means a healthy scalp thus healthy hair!}, and adds shine big time! So, don’t skip the honey:-)

 {1/4 cup} Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil – I chose coconut oil because it actually penetrates the hair. Some other oils sit on top + make hair look good but this is one of the few oils that actually work from the inside out. And best of all it doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind.

 {5 drops} Lavender Essential Oil – {optional but don’t skip it if you don’t need to} Lavender promotes hair growth, has antiseptic qualities {say so long to dry scalp, irritation, dandruff, etc.!}

diy conditioner

diy conditioner 1

diy conditioner 2

Shake well or mix well. Apply evenly to hair {root to tip}. Rinse after at least 30 minutes though I leave mine on for 1 hour with my hair wrapped up in a satin scarf. It is not necessary to shampoo or re-condition hair after rinsing. **Try letting your hair air dry + check out your results!

**I don’t use heat on my hair {ever} + very rarely do I use any styling products so I get my best results when air-drying.

Post: Easy Herbal Hair/Scalp Reviver

rosemary herbal hair+scalp reviver

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The number one question is almost always “how can I get shiny {and healthy} hair?”. This is an easy + inexpensive way to do just that + much more. So I use this mostly during the Spring/Summer season + it’s super easy to make + helps promote healthy hair/scalp, keeps my scalp from becoming too dry due to heat {the sun} + sweat. Plus it adds shine + brings out natural highlights.

 Use a good water bottle {I buy mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply, they seem to last longer} + fill it about half way with filtered water. Add 5-8 drops of Rosemary essential oil. Spray on using the mist setting. Shake well before each use.

 *You can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil {no more than the same amount of rosemary essential oil} to the mix to soften hair + add volume {when air drying}.

About natural/organic oils:

A few tips about buying natural/organic oils: Unless it says 100% pure {herb name} essential oil you are probably purchasing a blend. Always turn to the ingredients list. It should have the plant name + nothing else. Place of origin will be listed below the ingredients list. If the oil you are sizing up has anything like alcohols or fragrance then it is not essential oil. Also when working with essential oils be sure to have a window open or be in a wide open space. Do NOT apply to skin undiluted.