Easy Diy Decor: Painted Jewelry Board

I finished this jewelry board a couple of weeks ago but was undecided on a space for it until my husband found one for me that made sense. 


This is actually a bamboo board that we used in our first born’s room to hold baby photos + special mementos. Now he’s 6 + has two younger siblings trailing after him so we needed 3x the space to display all the cute kiddie stuff. So the bamboo board became a use it or lose it item + I almost put it in one of the 20 boxes I dropped off for donation once I started to unpack. Then a desire to see my favorite accessories displayed took over + the next day I was at the store buying paint + fabric.




This photo is just before I started putting the fabric on using a spray adhesive. I’m really pleased with the way the paint job came out since I was half distracted watching Immortals the entire time I was working on this.





Here’s a closer look. First I painted the entire frame a nearly charcoal gray shade. Then I used a paint sponge dipped in the aqua shade to dab over the gray base + painted the inner part of the frame {closest to the bamboo} with a glitter paint, gotta have a little sparkle in there.



These are the 3 colors I used purchased from Walmart for less than $1 each. The glitter one looks opaque while it’s wet but dries clear so all you see is a pretty shiny + shimmery glaze. These are probably 3 of my most favorite colors minus pink. I really love various shades of pink but kind of draw the line when it comes to decorating such a shared space. Though I doubt my hubby would mind, I like to dress up a space with him in mind.



Right now I’m using these decorative push pins to hold the accessories until I find exactly what I’m looking for.



My husband hung this for me in one corner of our bedroom using ribbon. The location works out perfectly because I can see + reach it without having to lean over anything else + it doesn’t obstruct the view of anything else in the room yet remains visible for me to enjoy + not forget to actually use at least a portion of what I own. Thinking of adding a decorative foot stool underneath of it just because it’ll look so cute but the thought of our 2 year old standing on it to reach the board is kind of killing the dream for me.


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