Decorating With Frames

We’ve all been told,” a picture is worth a thousand words”…what should have followed immediately is,” the frame you put it in is worth a million”. Frames come in so many shapes, sizes & materials sometimes it’s difficult just to narrow down what color you want let alone choosing molding, shadow box or no shadow box etc. Look to the design of the room. A horrific frame can ruin nearly an entire space. Whether your interior decoration design style is classical, craftsman or contemporary you can mix & match frame colors & patterns provided they ‘help’ rather than hinder the design of  your space.

I bought these frames from a sweet lady last year who just had too many. They were made in Holland in 1940. We ended up getting around 15 frames in all. For less than $20. Needless to say after about 70 years of wear I wanted to update them just a bit. Using a lightweight sandpaper & bristle brush to prepped the wood for painting. I used a navy blue & once that was nearly dry I wiped on an off white paint shade. These frames were originally used in my youngest sons nursery & have since been tweaked to furnish my little girl’s walls.

If you find something great & the color just doesn’t go you can always change it. A little sandpaper & lots of creativity will go a long way!

Once plain stained wood, I sanded a pair of these
frames down & painted them  a vibrant red. I’ll be
hanging them in the boys room.

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  • Allison Teixeira

    Thanks so much Elizabeth, I’ll be sure to visit your blog. Glad you liked the idea so much.

  • elizabeth embracing life

    Oops lots of typo’s I meant “paint” and the website is

  • elizabeth embracing life

    This is one of the more brilliant and artful ways to use space. Especially a larger space. I think I may actually pain the numbers-frame them- and make a clock. Also visit (p.s I will have to give this post credit when I lay out my clock idea. Truly I love this. elizabeth