D.I.Y. + Organize: Pretty Closet Space

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I recently re-organized + updated my closet space. Since I practically live in there I figured it mind as well be functional + it’s so much easier to get dressed when I don’t have to look through six drawers to find something that usually ends up being some where else. 

I found this accent stand on Craigslist {my online alternative to hitting nearly every thrift shop I live near when I simply just have no time to spare} for $15 but had to wait until the owner’s came back from holiday vacation but by then they had knocked the price down to $10 so it was worth the wait. Originally I wanted to cover the marble top {it’s removable} but once it was painted I was too taken with all the pink tones in the stone + decided to leave it as-is. I used Olympic satin paint + the color is ‘Malted Mint’. My hubby did most of the painting because, I think, he wanted to do something with his hands but I’m grateful for the help + his eye for flawless brushstrokes 🙂

diy accent stand 22

Earlier this week I posted this mirror on my Instagram account because it was such a unique find for under $15 {at Target}.

diy accent stand 20

These knobs were also found at Target {$15}. I was out shopping with a girlfriend who pointed these out. I thanked her a million times over because these were the first ones I’d come across that I instantly loved.

diy accent stand 6

My husband thinks I should use this owl for makeup brushes but until I can get my 2 year-old to stop using them as paint brushes I’ll stick to faux florals.


I use this crown dish to hold my rings + any other jewelry that I’m too tired to put away at the moment. Both the owl + the crown were purchased at Michaels.

diy accent stand 11

And since we’re already in my closet I’m sharing a few of my organizing habits for keeping a handle on so many different things in one space.

I organize my belts {rolled or folded} in this utensil holder stored in between my jeans + leggings. It has four slots + helps keep the belts shape. Oh + it doesn’t stick out at all I just pulled it out for the photo.

diy accent stand 13

I like to see what I have, otherwise I’ll end up with two of the same thing, so I store 90% of my makeup + nail polishes on shelves also. Most things with me are “out of sight, out of mind” so if I don’t see it then chances are it’ll end up going bad before I use it.

diy accent stand 15

I mix + match my space sharing as needed keeping some of my heels up high otherwise my daughter will be clacking around the house in them.

diy accent stand 18

And one more…

diy accent stand 14

I’m a certified magazine junkie + cannot live without my glossies so at any given time I keep a few issues around to flip through for inspiration or  to conquer
boredom. I found this bookend clearanced at Marshalls for $5, it keeps them from sliding all over the floor. 

diy accent stand 9


Using the top drawer of the stand for accessory storage. Tangled jewelry is for the birds so I do my best to keep in order; a bowl for my hoop earrings + a vintage ashtray {it’s so pretty don’t know how anyone could ash in it} for my thicker bracelets.

diy accent stand 16

Hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 I’ll be sharing more as I get it done.

  • liron

    i want this owl!!!! where can i get it? do you have a link?

    • Jessica Teixeira

      I got this at a Michaels arts and crafts store a while back but they should still carry them. I hope you find it 🙂

  • Ohh this post comes at the perfect time, I’m just getting ready to take on the task of reorganizing my dresser/closet/desk. This is great inspiration 🙂

    • Jessica Teixeira

      Thank you Catherine + good luck 🙂