You can go a little crazy trying to find the right flesh tone lippie, what maybe great for someone else could just be all wrong for you. Recently I’ve traded up my beloved Covergirl {not cruelty-free} for two very cruelty-free brands that I’m happy to switch over to.

First up a matte nude lipstick from NYX “Maison” {love when brands name their shades, makes for a bit more girly fun!} What I love about this shade is it can hold its own, no liner necessary, but you can also build on it for a more dramatic nude lip…yes there is such a thing!


Another nude that I simply adore is Wet N Wild Megashield Lip Color SPF 15 “Barel-ly Legal”. This shade is perfectly nude + delivers perfect moisture to my lips. It wears like a highly pigmented gloss without giving a glare to onlookers.



Last but never least, lipliner. I love lipliners, they single-handedly change the entire look of a gloss or lipstick. This is L.A. Colors Lipliner “Cappuccino” + though this shade won’t give dramatic color blends it certainly takes your look from just playing around to completely polished!






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