Crown Brush HD Set Review

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A few weeks back I got this sweet little brush set in the mail. These brushes come in white, purple + orange. I was hoping for a different color but these are a beauty in person! There are six brushes in total along with tweezers + travel case that has a mirror.


So I love the look of the brushes + the feel {they are super soft which is a plus for my sensitive skin}. The tapered brush, deluxe contour brush + chisel shadow brush were my favorites out of the set as well as the tweezers because they are so similar to what I typically use on my brows.


The first thing I noticed when I started using these brushes is the amount of product they easily pick up so I was more comfortable with using them on loose powders + pigments {less of a tapping mess!}. And it helps that the handles are wide + sturdy. I can’t stand using super skinny brush handles which make my hands feel so awkward + cramped. All in all I love the set + I pretty much use it every other day. I have a few other brush set by different brands so it’s kind of a big deal that I love these so much because using bad brushes are no-go for this blogger…love playing in makeup way too much. Also these brushes are under $20 right now on the Crown Brush site so if you are looking for a starter set or just need some extra brushes for in between brush baths these are perfect!

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  • Amber

    This is such a great set!!