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I recently had the pleasure of attending a Bloggers Night In at Btrue Organics before they opened their doors to the public. We got to check out all of the non-toxic + naturally organic products lining their shelves, sip wine + meet with a truly talented Aesthetician/Makeup Artist named Carleen! Each blogger received a one on one consultation with Carleen + complimentary facial along with a gift bag containing some of the amazing products that are carried at Btrue Organics.

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From my personal experience with Carleen I will just say that her recommendations for my skin care had nothing to do with products + within 2 days of seeing her my skin + overall health were better than I could have imagined! I don’t think anyone has ever suggested that a new product wasn’t necessary, the experience was refreshing.


 From my blogger goody bag! I already love the organic lip calm + have been using the rosehip face lotion in the evenings.


MoU - BTrue Grand Opening

If you want to experience Btrue Organics for yourself, which I highly recommend, they are having their grand opening for their Plantation location this evening + you are all invited! Also, they were kind enough sponsor a giveaway for one lucky winner to win some free loot to their store!

If you’ve never been to Btrue Organics or this is your first time hearing about it they also have a Hollywood location + online store you can browse from if you don’t live in the area.

{thanks for reading + good luck!}

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