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Small details + pops of bright color with layered textures keeps our master bedroom an extra cozy + sought after retreat when the day is done. This bedroom makeover wowed my better half when he walked in on my little project + got him to thinking of some more decorative changes to bring this bedroom makeover to completion. A little hint…we’ll be toning down the brown on the furniture next!

I am a super girly girl. Loving pretty colors, vibrant patterns + finding some way to change-up our living space to merge these things is what I love to do. Over the last few years I’ve had to curb my girly girl style to consider + include my ever-growing family’s taste + safety.


1. lots of pink or photos of other people famed or not {in our bedroom}

2. too many electronics/equipment…a tv maybe {although we do not use one in our room} definitely some sort of alarm clock if you want to be on time for anything but when you start adding laptops, monitors + exercise equipment your would be sanctuary views more like a home office or den

3. knickknacks are cute but unless you’re featured in the next episode of “My Strange Obsession” leave them to display elsewhere + in fewer numbers {maybe change them up every few months}…just so we’re clear your 50 piece steep doll collection or love for all things Marilyn need not suffocate every slice of bare space available

Do consider being considerate. There always a great divide when it comes to bringing 2 very different styles together. The key is to decorate for the both of you without changing the overall theme or “look” that you are going for.


Brighten It Up!

In a bedroom the largest focal points are the bed, any large window area + large bare walls. In our case it’s the bed + windows. And what I love most about this is that if I want to change them up it is fairly inexpensive + easy for me to do on my own. To create an extremely bright but relaxing space I went for this Arda ‘Bird Song’ comforter set. This light mint green + white set is reversible with stripes on one side + a bird print on the other.

Arda comforter set $79.00, Marshalls Linden Street Sweater Cable throw $5, JCPenney 100% Cotton White Striped sheets $24.99, Anna’s Linens


DIY Lighting

Love your lamps but need a change of color? Well change the color! My mom gave me these lamps years ago + they’ve always been black but this go round either the lamps had to go or I had to break out the sanding sponge + paint. So in one afternoon I lightly sanded + painted them a dark bronze shade with a hammered finish. It made a huge difference + saved us from purchasing brand new which = expensive!

Rust-Oleum Hammered Paint + Primer in one Dark Bronze $8, Lowe’s


Give Him Some Space

And I’m speaking in the literal sense. Guys don’t tend to need much of it surface wise but fair is fair. Two night stands = one for me + one for him, not 2 for me + none for you! I found this “Love Will Save The Day” plaque for 75 cents {yes under $1} + mounted it to a 4×6 black metal frame {our one year old had previously broken the glass in it, making it a classic case of use it or lose it, using Gorilla Glue. I actually caught my husband taking a picture of it one morning before he left for work *smile*. In keeping with the light + bright theme I also chose off white lampshades with silver {matte} color blocks on either end to compliment the hammered finish on the lamp bases. Both the lampshades + paint purchased from Lowe’s.


Let There Be White

I got the “she’s crazy” look when I explained to my hubby that I wanted to go bright white with a lot of the décor items. My husband tried to completely talk me out of it + my mother noted that I have a washer that I know how to use with my eyes closed. With 3 kids running around our home 24/7 I noted that there is a lock on the bedroom door that I will be using religiously! And then I went to the store + purchased prettiest white curtains I could find. They have a textured line design + the extremely light blue ones are cotton with a velvety texture. Underneath the cable throw is a storage ottoman, perfect for extra linens + candles.

Textured Sheer white curtains $16.99 a set, Home Goods Linden Street Sweater Cable Throw $5, JCPenney


 Add a Little Sparkle

Still no pink here but a little sparkle is going to go a long way. These five tea light holders are versatile + add a little of that girly girl sparkle that I love so much. Three of them hold tea light candles while the other two hold a string of mint colored beads + some of my favorite lip glosses for easy access. Gold Sequin tea light holders .69 cents each, Bed Bath + Beyond

Create a Space You Both Love

Small details + pops of bright color with layered textures keep our master bedroom  extra cozy + makes for a much sought after retreat at the end of our day. This bedroom makeover wowed my better half when he walked in on my little project + got him to thinking of some more decorative changes to bring this bedroom makeover to completion. A little hint…we’ll be toning down the brown on the furniture + fixing those bare walls next!







  • Jen

    Hi. I love the comforter set you have here and am searching on line and cannot seem to find “arda”. Do you remember where you purchased it?

    • Jessica Teixeira

      Well I got the set from Marshalls. I wanted something similar in a different shade but didn’t have much luck with searching online but I know that Home Goods typically carries nice sets so you may be able to find something there.

  • ManicuredSlayer

    Our room is in for a huge makeover! Walls have been painted (Gold marbled, love it!). Then we’re adding a Moroccan theme using curtains as a closet “door”, lanterns for tea lights to hang from the ceiling. I’m going to have “my corner” for my vanity/collections (um in my case it’s Tokidoki lol). And then my husband will be building custom furniture for the electronics, bookcases, etc.

    Oh and my bathroom is bright orange and it totally works!

    • tbdadmin

      OMG I love that color in your bathroom! A Moroccan theme sounds like heaven. I hope you’ll share a photo or post when you are finished I would love to see it.