Borba 7 Day Super Créme Challenge & Olay Pro X Facial Cleansing Brush Review

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Skin Care

I love trying skin care products but am very apprehensive at the same time when it comes to using them on my face. There are some things that you just can’t take back {like an exfoliator that did more scratching than buffing or a specialty night creme that woke you with horrors in the morning. yikes!} So I do my best detective work when it comes to knowing who + what exactly I am trusting my face to + by the feel of it Scott-Vincent Borba has got me hooked!

For the last 10 days I have been using Borba Age Defying Super Créme {SPF100}. It contains a “blend of  Acaí Berry, Elastin, Flaxseed + Argan Oil. Let’s just say I am Super impressed. For the record I have oily skin + though it may not seem ideal to use something with so many credentials to back it up it is very necessary. I live in the ‘Sunshine State’ + I’ve seen enough of the “leather look” skin that seems to flop around here oblivious to the obvious {yup it makes you act on the thought of bothering to slather on some skin saver}.

Super lightweight + moisturizing


  • moisturizes my skin all day without making it greasy.
  • very lightweight
  • skin feels super soft + smooth


  • Purchased for about $6 + will have to pay the full $20 price tag when my 2 tubes run out. {well worth it though}

Purchased {2} @ Walgreens



Another goody I picked up is the Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System 2 Speed Facial Cleansing Brush + Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser, can’t give Borba all of the credit for my smooth cheeks. This little rotating brush packs a powerful buffing punch. Our local Walgreens had it on sale for $30 + that was good enough for me! I’ve used this about 4 times in the last week using the exfoliating renewal cleanser + shea moisture african black soap {what I normally use}

2 speed option is ideal for sensitive areas on the face



  • the brush head bristles are perfect for using on your face {they do not scratch or scrape}
  • handheld size {fits in my traveling case}
  • 2 adjustable speeds


  • takes batteries {as opposed to a charger/rechargeable ones}
  • only comes with one brush head
  • not sold in enough stores!

Note: the cleanser is only a trial size but should last well over a week’s time