Best Beach Face Forward:Reviva Labs Makeup Primer

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I’ve been using Reviva Labs Makeup Primer for about a week now + I’m impressed! I put it to the ultimate test this past weekend when we decided to have our family fun day with some friends at the beach. Yes, I wear makeup to the beach {kinda lame but I never miss an opportunity to decorate my little face}. At the risk of looking like I got stuck out in the rain I went for the full face option with several shadow colors, mascara, bronzer + golden lip gloss. Obviously I did not get to check my makeup the entire time we were there but when I got home I was surprised {as well as relieved} to see I wasn’t running around our neighborhood beach with clown streaks on my face. 

reviva labs beach face 1

reviva labs beach face 2

This formula is clear + velvety {is that a word?} to the touch. It goes on super smooth + melts into my skin. There’s no residue, no weird dry feeling + my oily skin doesn’t get oilier so it’s pretty much perfect for me. It is super light but holds even the lightest touch of color product.  Even during the cooler days earlier in the week I went without any moisturizer on my skin using just the makeup primer + then applying my makeup + still had flawless results. This makeup primer retails for about $19 and can be found at Whole Foods Market, Ulta stores + various online retailers including

reviva labs beach face 7

My makeup didn’t crease or run {a real shocker considering it was about 80° out} though I am a little sandy + a tad burnt {no matter how much sunblock I use it always happens} but my face is still intact 😉 I had to snap a few quick pics as soon as we walked in the door since I had 3 very sandy little ones waiting to be bathed; I’m still sweeping sand out of places, it gets everywhere but well worth the hassle.

reviva labs beach face 5

More quick pics. I had literally just walked in the door + grabbed my tablet to snap a few before the sunset.  My cute Cynthia Rowley sunglasses, I’m obsessed with aviator frames for some reason.

reviva labs beach face 6

reviva labs beach face 4

In love with the floral print 

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**Product provided for review however all opinions and statements are my own.


  • Reviva Primer is my favorite. I use nothing else. Love that yellow top you are wearing it really works on you. Yellow just turns my skin kinda greenish. Yuck!

    • Jessica Teixeira

      Thank you Gracie! I haven’t used another primer since starting with Reviva 🙂

  • Reviva is my VERY favorite skin primer. I would love to find a shadow primer that works as good.

    • Jessica Teixeira

      So far I’ve used it on my eye lids as well + it keeps it all in place without creasing. Have you tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance? I use that one sometimes + it works great too.

      • I have tried Too Faced. And, Bare Essentials, Urban Decay, Makeup Forever, Wet ‘n Wild, etc. The one that has done the best for me is Ofra. I’m now into trying out more obscure brands in my quest for a shadow primer that loves me back. 😀

  • I love this primer too and it’s good for your skin. LOVE the sunglasses!!