Beauty Tag – My Five Most Favorite Lipsticks

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So I was one of the many South Florida bloggers that was tagged by the lovely Bee of Beauty & Everything Else to share our top 5 favorite lipsticks. And I’m so happy to share!

lipstick tag 1

Sans any lip product whatsoever. I’m pretty happy with my lips but I love them more in color, I’m a bit of a lip product junkie…I’ll start with my more nude shades. They aren’t exactly flesh-tone {at all} but when I want to go with a smokier eye look these are perfect for pairing.

lipstick 11

Wearing NYX Matte Lipstick in Maison

lipstick tag 8

It’s kind of my go to “plain jane” nude color but I love it + traded up for a nude color I used to wear from Covergirl for years when I decided to start using cruelty-free products.

lipstick tag 4

Another NYX favorite LALA. This was also a trade-up to cruelty free when I switched from a Revlon favorite last year. This lavender shade is a creamy formula, it’s moisturizing + gives a shine without having any shimmer/glitter in it.

lipstick tag 9

On to brighter colors. This is Milani Color Statement lipstick in Red Label. No liner necessary. It holds its own just fine.

lipstick tag 11

A close-up. This is a deep dark red + I consider it to be more on the opaque side even though you can see the beauty mark on my lip. Unless I wear a liner it shows through on just about every lip color.

lipstick tag 3

Another Milani in Violet Volt. It’s a pretty purply-fuschia {does make sense?} color.

lipstick tag 2

Closer look. It has a bit of a metallic shine to it, not usually my thing but I love wearing it.

lipstick tag 7

Wearing Black Radiance in Hibiscus #5114.

lipstick tag 5

This is my perfect summer pink. Could not believe it when I finally found this in stock {finally!}. I had been seeing the little color marker for it on the display but it was never in stock. One day I got really lucky. I almost bought two but I figure someone is probably waiting forever for it just like I was.

lipstick tag 6

It also has some serious staying power. It doesn’t stain but it doesn’t smudge so easily either.

So it was kind of late when I did these + I was too lazy {it happens!} to use my camera so I used my tablet…forgive me? I’m sure I’ll have looks coming that include some of these.  But I enjoyed swiping them on just for this post. They each bring their own kind of pretty to the beauty table + that’s why they are my top 5.

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  • First of all, let me just say, you are stunning! I love your natural hair! (I’m currently transitioning from a perm to natural and it’s hard!). But it looks lovely on you! The lipsticks also look great on you! I’ll be going through more of your blog later, love it so far!

    ~ Nailah

    • Jessica Teixeira

      Yay for you Nailah! It was so hard for me to transition so I just did a bc {a few times}. But don’t give up. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Jessica, they all look really pretty on you! I especially love the look of Violet Volt. I love purple lipsticks! 🙂