So I was one of the many South Florida bloggers that was tagged by the lovely Bee of Beauty & Everything Else to share our top 5 favorite lipsticks. And I’m so happy to share!

lipstick tag 1

Sans any lip product whatsoever. I’m pretty happy with my lips but I love them more in color, I’m a bit of a lip product junkie…I’ll start with my more nude shades. They aren’t exactly flesh-tone {at all} but when I want to go with a smokier eye look these are perfect for pairing.

lipstick 11

Wearing NYX Matte Lipstick in Maison

lipstick tag 8

It’s kind of my go to “plain jane” nude color but I love it + traded up for a nude color I used to wear from Covergirl for years when I decided to start using cruelty-free products.

lipstick tag 4

Another NYX favorite LALA. This was also a trade-up to cruelty free when I switched from a Revlon favorite last year. This lavender shade is a creamy formula, it’s moisturizing + gives a shine without having any shimmer/glitter in it.

lipstick tag 9

On to brighter colors. This is Milani Color Statement lipstick in Red Label. No liner necessary. It holds its own just fine.

lipstick tag 11

A close-up. This is a deep dark red + I consider it to be more on the opaque side even though you can see the beauty mark on my lip. Unless I wear a liner it shows through on just about every lip color.

lipstick tag 3

Another Milani in Violet Volt. It’s a pretty purply-fuschia {does make sense?} color.

lipstick tag 2

Closer look. It has a bit of a metallic shine to it, not usually my thing but I love wearing it.

lipstick tag 7

Wearing Black Radiance in Hibiscus #5114.

lipstick tag 5

This is my perfect summer pink. Could not believe it when I finally found this in stock {finally!}. I had been seeing the little color marker for it on the display but it was never in stock. One day I got really lucky. I almost bought two but I figure someone is probably waiting forever for it just like I was.

lipstick tag 6

It also has some serious staying power. It doesn’t stain but it doesn’t smudge so easily either.

So it was kind of late when I did these + I was too lazy {it happens!} to use my camera so I used my tablet…forgive me? I’m sure I’ll have looks coming that include some of these.  But I enjoyed swiping them on just for this post. They each bring their own kind of pretty to the beauty table + that’s why they are my top 5.

Thanks for reading