Beauty Box 5 Review: Unboxed + Test Driven


Pretty Little Things




So last week I got this cute little box in the mail to review + though there were no color cosmetics {boo} there were some other really interesting things that I loved!


Here’s what was in my box: 




Here’s what I’ve used so far:


For fun – City Lips Lip Plumper

I have full lips but I can’t resist trying lip glosses. After I applied it my lips felt a little tingly {kind of like a minty tingle} + they were glossy + lusciously appealing {according to my husband} but not sure if they looked any fuller than what they already are. 


Out of curiosity – Lash Cards

I don’t normally have any issue {or so I thought} with applying mascara unless one of my children is sitting at my feet so I used these out of sheer curiosity. I was working on an EOTD look + my shadows were applied perfectly the first time around so I didn’t want to take any chances with the mascara. I used the lash card to keep any of my lashes from touching my lids {they’re long + I always wonder about trimming them some. does anyone really do that?!} Somehow the lash card helped separate + even further lengthen my lashes so now I of course love them. But what I would really love is a re-usable one. These are paper + I hate creating excess waste. So I’ll be on the look out for one.


The first thing that caught my eye – Margania Pure Argan Oil

I don’t know if I’ve ever said this before but this Argan oil is hottt! It was the first item on the info card + the first product I grabbed out of the box. I’ve been using this since I got the box + it is really awesome. A little goes such a long way + it couldn’t have come at a better time since the weather is cooling down here. I will be purchasing this in a larger size before I run out of the sample I was sent.



So I haven’t used the goat milk lip balm {it took my husband 2 dates to work me up to trying frog legs when we were dating + I don’t even drink animal milk so it’s going to take a minute to get me to wear it!} I also have not used the Show Stoppers fashion tape but I know it will come in handy soon. The Furlesse Elevens frown lines patch through me for a loop. I don’t have any wrinkles, neither does my mother for that matter so I don’t see me being able to review them any time soon.


All in all this box is pretty awesome. You can subscribe to it for about $12 a month.


*Product was provided for review however all thoughts, opinions + statements are my own.