Ahava Time To Hydrate Gentle Eye Cream


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Here is another Black Friday buy + a brand first, at least as far as skin care products go {they have an amazing body wash that I love}. I only really use moisturizing eye creams during the cooler months because I have oily skin + usually that’s enough if the temps reach anywhere near 80 degrees. During the Summer time I used Lumene products that worked with my skin + weren’t so heavy on the moisturizing. 

I don’t usually take a chance when it comes to my face but the skin around my eyes is pretty straightforward when it comes to telling me what it needs. My main concern is moisture during the winter + firming during the summer. Oh + it absolutely has to be paraben-free. Don’t know what it is about those parabens but they make me break out like a horrid case of hives! 

This Ahava eye cream is light + moisturizing + barely has a scent. It doesn’t irritate or over-moisturize my skin, I’m sure that has something to do with the chamomile + calendula in it which my skin is a huge fan of.  And I’m able to use it twice a day+ daily. I’ve seen a 110% improvement in my eye area. The skin is smooth + moisturized rather than super itchy, dry + rough looking. My only wish is that it came in a tube instead of a jar but since washing comes before moisturizing there’s no chance of less than clean finger tips dipping into it so I can live with it. 

AHAVA Active DeadSea Minerals

Time To Hydrate

Gentle Eye Cream

0.5 fl.oz retails $32


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My results are from about 4 weeks of continuous use. This is a product that I will definitely keep as a beauty staple.

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Purchased from ultadotcom. Can also be purchased at ahavadotcom ♥Ulta Beauty stores ♥Beautydotcom