3 Ways To Open Up Your Small Space

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Give your low ceiling some height. There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped in your own home. A few simple tricks will have you reaching new heights, or at least appear to be, in no time.
The easiest way to is using floor to ceiling window treatments. I chose this method for my dining area open floor plan setup. The go to drape choice is usually vertical stripes to intensify the added height look however you can play up nearly any pattern you like as long as it brings your complete design together.

Paint the ceiling. Anyone who loves to decorate usually paints the walls first. With that in mind you can paint the ceiling as well with a lighter, more receding color than the walls.

Keep your overall design simple. That does not read plain & boring, you just need to know your limit when it comes to adding patterns & colors. Too much of a good thing can prove to be bad & leave your space looking overwhelmed & you feeling like a sardine! Opt for paler shades when it comes to drapes & wall color, they reflect light & give the feeling of an expanded space. Save your color pops for one or two decorative pillows or a vibrant flower arrangement.

Avoid heavy volume furniture. All too often we see a chair or coffee table that we’re just dying to take home only to find that it looked better when you could actually cross the room without bumping into it. Clean lines are what’s needed when decorating smaller areas. The beauty of this is you can go vintage with quaint pieces like a small accent chair, one will do (hello color pop!) or modern Ikea style.


  • Thank you form commenting Clothes 4 Cures. Love your cause. Bright done right can really transform any space.

  • Great post! I used to work for a large home improvement chain and they would call me “The Paint Lady!” I worked there for over 10 years. I love simple , clean decorating. I love bright colored walls too. 🙂